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Above – Australian eight takes silver at the World Championships with club members Gus Widdicombe and Liam Donald


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News covered below:

  • National Training Centre intake
  • Head of the Goulburn
  • 1988 Henley Royal Regatta crew reunion
  • Mercantile members at Head of the Charles
  • NTT No 2 entries
  • Your Committee for 2018-19
  • AGM pictures
  • 30 year reunion this weekend
  • An investigation in atrial remodelling and the risk of arrhythmias in endurance athletes – can you help?
  • Head of the Mitchell Report
  • Patrick Boomer in a superb finish at World Rowing Coastal Championships
  • More member profiles
  • Patrick Boomer into the final at World Rowing Coastal Championships
  • More member profiles
  • Drew Ginn inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame
  • New Member Profiles
  • Notice of AGM
  • Details on the Annual Dinner and AGM
  • President’s luncheon – 2nd December 2018
  • 2018-19 Regatta calendar on the events page
  • Club fundraising opportunity – advertise your business for a week
  • Ever wondered about the benefits of rowing?
  • 2019 Henley Royal Regatta
  • From the archives – 50 years ago
  • Member Profiles
  • Thursday Night Social Hour



National Training Centre Intake

Published 28th October 2018


Congratulations to the following Club Members who have been selected in to the National Training Centres.

Intake 1 received automatic entry into the NTCs having competed at the 2018 World Rowing Championships and meeting the required performance standards. These athletes have commenced training at their respective National Training Centres. Intake 2 received an invitation to their respective NTC having taken part in the recent NTC Testing Camps. Athletes for Intake 2 will begin transitioning into the NTCs in the coming weeks.


Intake 1

  • Gus Widdicombe
  • Liam Donald
  • Katrina Werry

Intake 2

  • Jessica Morrison
  • Amanda Bateman


Congratulations and Go Mercs.


Head of the Goulburn

Published 28th October 2018


A good day on Saturday for the Club at the Head of the Goulburn.


Men’s Open Eight – First

Joel Cain, Mitchell Hooper, Angus Maloney, Alexander Clarke, Tom Hunt, Edward Northrop, Benjamin Canham, Carl Tomczak, Cox: Roy Zhang

Women’s Open Eight – First

Jacqueline Hart, Gemma Sibillin, Georgia Stewart, Mimi Tuddenham, Daisy Butterworth, Georgie Gleeson, Kirstie Green, Georgina Howe, Cox: Jamima Jamieson
Coach: Casey Cobb

Men’s Open Quad Scull – First and Second

1st Jack Kelly, Michael McNamara, Jayden Grey, James Hoban

2nd James Kelly, Harry Cathcart, Benjamin Clarke, Alexander Kinsella
Coach: David Fraumano

Women’s Open Quad Scull – First

Meghan Hester, Fiona Albert, Madeleine Thomas, Ria Thompson, Coaches: David Colvin, Bill Webster

Our masters were also well represented but alas did not win.

Women’s Masters Eight – Jan Naylor, Louise Honman, Carolyn Browne, Christine Howgate, Kerry Morrison, Irena Benjamin, Jennifer Williams, Val Dowell, Cox: Pauline Day

Men’s Masters Eight – Colin Kimpton, Mark Groves, Peter De Garis, Andrew Phillips, Brenton Rasheed, Jeffrey Thompson, Euan McMinn, Andrew McDonald, Cox: Seb Jenner

Men’s Masters Eight – John Manolitsas, Ray Dawson, Anthony Johnson, Gregory Hansen, Hugh McVicker, Geoff Barden, Simon Morrison, Hamish Fitzsimmons, Cox: Bill Webster


1988 Henley Royal Regatta crew reunion

Published 28th October 2018


The 1988 winning Ladies Plate crew held a reunion at the Club on Sunday 28th October. Geoff Barden was the organiser who parting comments were simply: What a great afternoon. Many highlights, thank you for making it such a great event.

Really, very difficult to tell them apart – not a day older!


Above: 1988


Above: 2018


Mercantile members at Head of the Charles

Published 28th October 2018


Ian Duthie and Rod Stewart disguised themselves as Upper Thames Rowing Club to be part of the winning 70+ eight at the Head of the Charles in Boston. They appeared to be quite chuffed with themselves.

Above: The winning Upper Thames Rowing Club crew – Rod third from the left and Ian far right


National Time Trial No 2 entries

Published 28th October 2018

MO2- Mercantile Mitchell Hooper, Benjamin Canham
MO2- Mercantile Jack Kelly, Carl Tomczak
MO2- Mercantile William Achermann, Benjamin Clarke
MO1X Mercantile Joel Cain
MO1X Mercantile Alexander Clarke
MO1X Mercantile Jayden Grey
MO1X Mercantile James Hoban
MO1X Mercantile Tom Hunt
MO1X Mercantile Alexander Kinsella
MO1X Mercantile William Legge
MO1X Mercantile Eric Low
MO1X Mercantile Redmond Matthews
MO1X Mercantile Michael McNamara
MO1X Mercantile Edward Northrop
MO1X Mercantile Harry Cathcart
MO1X Mercantile Angus Maloney
MO1X Mercantile Jack Moorfoot
FO2- Mercantile Georgie Gleeson, Kirsten Green
FO2- Mercantile Jacqueline Hart, Gemma Sibillin
FO2- Mercantile Skyla Froebel, Mimi Tuddenham
FO1X Mercantile Amanda Bateman
FO1X Mercantile Fiona Albert
FO1X Mercantile Katrina Bateman
FO1X Mercantile Meghan Hester
FO1X Mercantile Georgia Stewart
FO1X Mercantile Madeleine Thomas
FO1X Mercantile Ria Thompson
FO1X Mercantile Jessica Morrison


Your Committee for 2018-19

Published 28th October 2018


Another year without an election and miraculously all positions filled.


President – Anthony Johnson

Captain – Bill Webster

Vice Captains – Madeleine Thomas and James Hoban

Honorary Treasurer – Duncan MacKinnon

Honorary Secretary – Angus Maloney

Chairman of Selectors – David Colvin

Boathouse Manager – Seb Jenner


AGM pictures

Published 21st October 2018


Our photographer extraordinaire Faith Gaspirani has done a superb job of capturing the great evening which was our AGM. The pictures can be found at:


Your correspondent was perhaps enjoying the company, food and wine to notice too much of the official proceedings but was aware that we have a new President, Anthony Johnson. Further details will follow. He will have a difficult task exceeding the great work of his predecessor Mal Batten.

Above: A plethora of Presidents, past and present. From the left Anthony Johnson (President), Malcolm Batten (immediate past President), Phil Batters (previous, past President) and Andrew Guerin (pre-historic past President) 


30 Year reunion at the Clubhouse Sunday 28th October

Published 21st October 2018


Geoff Barden is getting the 1988 Henley Royal Regatta winning Ladies Challenge crew together again this weekend for a row and luncheon. Knowing this group, there will be a fair share of tall tales and true to be shared. Expect the recollection of the race to be sufficiently embellished by mid afternoon to rewrite the history books!

Above: the winning crew at HRR stroked by President Johnson and including Geoff Barden coxed by Peter Scott and coached by Martin Aitken.


Head of the Mitchell Report

Published 17th October 2018


Greg Hansen provides the following report of Mercs at the Head of the Mitchell.

This was the 7th annual Head of the Mitchell event, hosted by Bairnsdale Rowing Club, and one of the nicest regional regattas you could hope to attend – a real community event.

The regatta consisted of a 5-kilometre time trial, followed by a 500-metre sprint (boats were grouped together in racing brackets of four, depending on their 5km times). The X4X- was in bracket A and the MM4- in bracket B, so Mercs did well to finish in the very top tiers of the event (there were 83 entries).

Above: An inter-generational day for Mercs

The 5-km races yielded the following results for Mercantile:


1st Madeleine Thomas (22:35)

2nd Gemma Sibillin (24:50)


1st Alexander Kinsella (20:41)

2nd William Legge (21:00)


1st Mercantile with Gemma Sibillin, Joel Cain, Alexander Kinsella and Madeleine Thomas (18:21) – this crew also won the trophy for the fastest IV or quad at the regatta (see photo)


1st Mercantile/Melbourne with Colin Kimpton and  Michael Dakic (24:12)


1st Mercantile/Caulfied/Argonauts composite with Pernette Wijnen, Irena Benjamin, Jennifer Williams, Val Dowell (and Argonauts men) (21:14)


1st Mercantile/Albert Park-Sth Melb – Hugh McVicker and Greg Hansen with APSM’s Alan McCowen and a last-minute substitute for Walter Grootendorst (19:56)

Irish League 500 metre races:

The X4X-, XM8+ and MM4X all won their bracketed events


Thanks Greg and Go Mercs.


An investigation in atrial remodelling and the risk of arrhythmias in endurance athletes – can you help?

Published 17th October 2018


The Baker Institute of Medical Research is conducting an investigation in atrial remodelling and the risk of arrhythmias in endurance athletes

 This research project is aiming to assess how much your heart changes in size and function in response to high intensity exercise training, if those changes are reversible or long lasting, and the association of these changes with Atrial Fibrillation risk.

The study is being conducted by a team of researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute led by A/Professor Andre La Gerche.

Who can participate?

  • Young Elite Athlete (Aged 16–23): Competing in endurance based activities: triathlon, cycling, rowing, canoeing, distance running, swimming at state or national level. Planning to continue endurance sport competition for at least the next 5 years
  • Retiring Elite Athlete (Aged 28–45): Within 12 months of retirement from elite competition in an endurance based activity at state or national level
  • Retired Elite Athlete (Aged 45-80): 10 years of regular rowing including racing at a national or international level
  • Endurance athlete with existing cardiac pathology (Aged 16-75): Have AF or atrial flutter OR have a ventricular arrhythmia OR have a resting HR < 35 bpm OR have an abnormal cardiac function

What is involved?

This study involves baseline testing and a repeat test in 2 years. Testing will be scheduled over 2 days and involve maximum 5h of your time.

  • CMR Cardiac Magnetic Resonance imaging – VO2max testing – Heart Ultrasound – DEXA scan – 24h Holter monitor – Blood samples – height, weight

The retired athletes will undergo a repeat electrocardiogram and 3-day Holter monitor every 12 months for 2 years in addition to the baseline testing.

How to proceed? For more information contact Kristel Janssens, Research nurse: email:  – Tel +61 3 8532 1169


Patrick Boomer in a superb finish at World Rowing Coastal Championships

Published 14th October 2018


In one of the toughest and most closely contested finals in Coastal Rowing history, Patrick finished in fifth place. Given that the judges cover such a wide finish line and this year the crews started on a beach start, this would have been a very difficult judging job at both the start and finish.

Patrick’s excellent result would have been a disappointment to him, but as a new comer to the discipline, this result is a great credit to him.


More member profiles

Published 14th October 2018


This week we have two more interesting profiles to add to the website. The first is for Nick Baker, past Captain and World Champion. A good yarn about the “skinny tall kid” from Hobart.


By way of contrast, the other is of Henry Guinn, a senior oarsman who did not quite make the Victorian crew but who was a war hero of WWII. He was awarded military honours (DSO) for his continuous gallantry under fire and leadership in battle. A remarkable man.



Patrick Boomer into the final at World Rowing Coastal Championships

Published 13th October 2018


Good news from Canada. Patrick Boomer is into the final of the men’s solo at the World Rowing Coastal Championships. The final of 16 has come down from the 58 entrants. In this type of rowing, conditions, tactics and to a degree luck all play their role. Races are not stopped, just penalties awarded.


Best wishes Patrick in the final tomorrow night.


More member profiles

Published 13th October 2018


Ever wanted to find out about our Rowing Victoria President Joe Joyce? Now he has a profile on the website. Joe was an exceptional rower and is now deeply involved in the administration of the sport.

Above: Joe receiving the Penrith Cup

Also, joining him is life member Deane Morgan, who was a delightful person and also quite a character. Whilst you correspondent did not want to include this story in his profile, this will give you an insight into the man. As part of his role as Secretary to Australian Henley, Deane conducted the “Miss Henley” contest. Deane’s “Miss Henley” (Barbara Stewart) became the first “Moomba Queen”. He successfully brought a great deal of publicity to the regatta. One female television reporter interviewed him on camera and obviously did not like the Miss Henley competition. After responding with ‘a straight bat’ to several pointed questions, the reporter could not resist asking Deane about the role of Miss Henley and clearly Deane’s patience had run out. His response was “to kiss the cox of the winning crew”. She swung around to the director and said “CUT CUT” to which he answered laughing “Too late – it has gone to air”.

Above: Deane drawing the lanes for the 1956 Olympic Regatta

Finally, a sad story about Albert Hoof, a Vice-Captain who lost his life whilst rowing on the Lower Yarra. A highly promising and respected administrator, clearly bound for more significant roles.

Above: Albert Hoof


Drew Ginn to be inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame

Published 10th October 2018

The following press release has been issued today by Sport Australia Hall of Fame and Rowing Australia. Well done Drew, very well deserved.

In a career that witnessed iconic success, heartbreak and one of the most courageous performances in Australian Olympic history, Drew Ginn OAM cemented himself as an extraordinary performer during the nation’s most successful period of rowing.

Winning three gold medals and a silver across four Olympic Games, Ginn’s feats will be recognised with induction to the Sport Australia Hall of Fame as an Athlete Member at the 34th Induction and Awards Gala Dinner on Thursday 11th October 2018.

A member of Australia’s fabled Oarsome Foursome, Ginn is the fourth and final athlete of the gold-medal winning coxless four at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics to be inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, joining teammates Nicholas Green OAM (2001), Michael McKay OAM (2007) and James Tomkins OAM (2012). Ginn becomes just the 14th rower across three centuries to be inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

One of Australia’s most decorated Olympic athletes in Australian sport, Ginn also collected five golds, a silver and two bronze medals from eight world championships during an international career that stretched 16 years.

While Ginn’s glittering resume speaks for itself, the 43-year-old is adamant that none of it would have come to fruition without the support and dedication of his teammates.

“It’s very humbling,” Ginn said.

“We perform as a group, so I wouldn’t be in this position now if it wasn’t for them.”

“For me it’s not about the individual recognition, because you get to do what you do as a crew, but I know it’s very special to be recognised in this way and I’m very grateful.”

A lean teenager at Melbourne’s Scotch College, Ginn was introduced to the sport by maths teacher Bram McLeod, earmarking the student as a potentially gifted rower.

“He grabbed me at the end of class one day and said, ‘how about you come down and jump in a boat and we’ll look after you?’. I was nervous at first, and of course I fell in, but Mr McLeod persisted and convinced me to come back.”

“I think I fell in love with it because I couldn’t do it at first,” he added.

“On the outside it looks relatively simple, but it was a challenge for me because I came at it late. Plus the team aspect of it all really just was amazing. I had played other team sports, but rowing was on a whole new level.”

Soon realising his gift, Ginn first represented Australia in the eight at the under 23 level in 1994. Two years later as a 21-year-old, Ginn replaced the retired Andrew Cooper in the famous ‘Oarsome Foursome’ at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, going on to secure Australia’s second successive gold-medal in the event.

“As a young athlete you back yourself in that position, I had a lot of enthusiasm, but I had a great set of mentors in terms of Mike, James and Nick who had been there and I think they recognised that as much as I was enthusiastic and passionate on the outside, I was still just a kid on the inside who hadn’t been there or done it, and they were happy to support me on the way though.”
“The days before the Olympics final were the hardest,” Ginn added.

“Sitting on the start line at the final I actually felt quite calm, I was excited, but I was actually pretty confident because I had the guys in my boat. I remember looking out and noticing every other boat had an Olympic champion or world champion, and then I looked in front of me and I had James Tomkins, Nick Green and Mike McKay, and I thought ‘wow, what better team to be a part of?’ – it was pretty special.”

During the lead-up to Sydney 2000, Ginn paired with James Tomkins and dominated internationally. The duo were favourites heading into the home games, but a serious, almost career-ending back injury forced Ginn to withdraw.

Tomkins went on with new partner Matthew Long to win a well-deserved bronze, but the pain of missing out hit Ginn hard. “I was devasted,” Ginn revealed.

“As a young athlete I thought everything was going to be fine and thought that my body would be able to handle a bigger load, and it couldn’t. It was a massive reality check and at the time it was really hard for me, for my wife, for my friends around me, because everyone goes through it with you.”

“But what it did do is give me a much greater appreciation for the opportunities I would later encounter. I was a lot smarter about training and looking after my body, rather than just letting things go because you think it’ll all be alright in the end.”

Overcoming two years of rehabilitation, Ginn returned to Olympic competition with Tomkins in Athens 2004, going on to win gold in the coxless pair.

He then linked with a new partner Duncan Free in the same event at Beijing in 2008, winning another gold after competing with intense back pain in the final.

In a feat hailed as one of the most courageous in Australian Olympic history, Ginn looks back with bewilderment.

“When I was getting into the boat and sitting down, that’s when it was really uncomfortable. It felt like someone was stabbing a knife into the side of my calf. In the final it just felt like I was on a knife edge and my right leg shut down with about 300-400 metres to go. At the time I could only strap my back and take a Panadol, but there was no real way to mask the pain.”

Still not satisfied, Ginn returned for his fourth Olympic Games four years later in London, this time returning to the event where it all began, in the coxless four.

Now a veteran of the team, Ginn teamed up with William Lockwood, James Chapman and Joshua Dunkley-Smith to win a silver behind the all-conquering British crew.

In a career which had seen it’s fair share of ups and downs, Ginn puts down his long-lasting success to a simple motto: “Persistence beats resistance”.

“The ability to just hang in there long enough, do another session, do extra sessions, do extra strokes, do alternate sessions, have different conversations and just hang in there, I feel is fundamentally going to produce a good result.”

“We all have days where you’re really questioning yourself because you’re no longer rowing with the guys you were five or six years ago. But then you’re with a bunch of new people and you realise for them, it is really worthwhile going through it all because hopefully they can pass that on to their next teammate.”

The persistence, courage and modesty that Ginn showed throughout his career has earnt him praise from Chairman of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame selection committee Rob de Castella AO MBE.

“Longevity, incredible Olympic and world championship results and inspiration are the hall marks of this amazing rower. Drew now joins his Oarsome Foursome brothers as a Member of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame,” de Castella said.

In the sport of rowing, the impeccable synchronicity of the crew is vital to success, and Ginn was Australia’s centrepiece to that. Across a career which traversed teams and Olympic cycles, Ginn earnt himself the reputation as one of Australia’s greatest rowers of the modern era.

Drew Ginn OAM will be inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame on Australian sport’s “Night of Nights” – the sold out 34th Sport Australia Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Gala Dinner on Thursday 11th October at Palladium at Crown, Melbourne.

Established in 1985, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame plays a vital role in preserving and perpetuating Australia’s rich sporting heritage, whilst promoting the values of courage, sportsmanship, integrity, mateship, persistence, and excellence, all underpinned by generosity, modesty, pride and ambition.

2018 will mark the 34th edition of this event, with eight Australian sporting icons, from on and off the field, to be inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

In addition, one existing Hall of Fame member will be elevated to Legend status, becoming the 40th official Legend of Australian Sport.

2008 Olympic Regatta. Photo Credit: Peter SPURRIER, Intersport Images.

Above: Drew after his Beijing win – celebrating whilst collapsing



New Member Profiles

Published 2nd October 2018


The number of member profiles continues to grow. There are now over 140 published with the aim to get to the thousands. This month we start with:

  • Anthony Johnson, that great rower from the 1980s
  • Stanley Guinn, perhaps a less successful rower, but none the less a great club member from the start of the twentieth century and who was also a distinguished solder in WWI.
  • Life member Douglas Brooke, member of the famous 1930 Victorian crew which won at Mannum in SA.
  • Geoff Speed, a senior oarsman from the early 1960s who died in September. He contributed a huge amount to Scotch College in his lifetime.

They all are very interesting profiles.

Above: 1988 winning Ladies Plate crew at HRR stroked by Anthony Johnson


Notice of 138th Mercantile Rowing Club Annual General Meeting

Published 25th September 2018


Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Mercantile Rowing Club to be held at 7:00PM, Saturday 20 October 2018 at Boathouse 5, Boathouse Drive, Melbourne, Vic, 3004.

The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

a) to confirm the Minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting and any General Meeting held since that Annual General Meeting;

b) to receive from the Committee reports upon the transactions of the Club during the preceding financial year;

c) to elect the Officers of the Club, the Members of the Committee and the Selection Committee;

d) to receive and consider the statements submitted by the Club in accordance with Part 7 of the Act; and

e) to reappoint Mr John Harry as an Administrator of the Mercantile Foundation.

By order of the Committee,

Hannah Lewis
Honorary Secretary

Details on the Annual Dinner and AGM

Published 25th September 2018

Join us for an evening of celebration as we reflect on the year that has been, welcome our newest members, and ring-in the 2018-19 racing season.

6:00 PM Drinks + Canapés
6:30 PM Boat Christening
7:00 PM Annual General Meeting
7:30 PM Dinner + Award Presentations
9:30 PM Bar open, drinks at bar prices

Saturday 20 October
From 6:00 PM

Boathouse 5,
Boathouse Drive,
Melbourne VIC 3004

Lounge suit or Club Blazer

Inclusive of canapés, main + dessert; drinks on arrival + during dinner service
Adults – $135
Competitive Athletes – $110

Please RSVP by October 6 for catering purposes via




Hannah Lewis
0404 399 448




President’s Luncheon – 2nd December 2018

Republished 1st October 2018


Please keep this date free fro the next President’s Luncheon. Delightful company and food, together with boat namings and update from the President and Captain.


Above: Our President at a past President’s Luncheon





2018-19 Regatta calendar on the events page

Republished 1st October 2018


The full season regatta calendar is now available on the Events page.

Above: Mercs winning at Ballarat last season


Club fundraising opportunity – advertise your business for a week

Published 6th September 2018

Civic Media have kindly donated this business opportunity with proceeds going to Mercantile’s 2018 travelling athletes.


Pick 1 of 5 prominent locations. The billboards are digital electronic billboards and you get 15 seconds every 2 minutes for 1 week (Monday to Sunday).


Artwork can be very simple and low cost – easy as making a pdf file with your logo. You can rotate through different images in each 15 second slot if you wish. Civic can assist with formatting and advice to help you get your business out there.


The opportunity is available until 30 June 2019. Bookings need to be confirmed with Civic a week before. Details can be found through this link.


The Club will take bids for this opportunity until 30 September 2018, via the email address

Please see the attached brochure from Civic for all details of the billboard sites, dimensions, traffic flow, contact and booking details.


We thank Leanne Quinn and Civic Media for making this tremendous opportunity available to our members and their business.



Ever wondered about the benefits of rowing?

Republished 1st October 2018


Rowing Australia in conjunction with member Marty O’Halloran have produced a superb video which is absolutely worth viewing. This video, created for RA pro bono through the exceptional work of the DDB Group (Marty O’Halloran) and Interbrand.  It also launches RA’s new vision statement, Excellence through Rowing, on and off the water, where we aim to inspire and enable everyone involved with rowing to be the best they can be. You can watch the video here on the Rowing Australia YouTube Channel here.



Henley Royal Regatta 2019

Republished 1st October 2018


Next year is the centenary of the 1919 Henley Peace Regatta at which the King’s Cup was won by the AIR No 1 crew. Mercantile is planning to send a crew to this regatta. The celebration will include a luncheon at Australia House on the Tuesday before the regatta and racing between services crews.


We are aware that there are some members who will be attending. We would welcome keeping in touch with those who are interested in attending so that accommodation, ticketing, event and other matters can be arranged. For those interested, please email Jenny Fraumano at so that you can be kept in the loop on what other members are doing.


Above: Mercs four in 2018 at HRR


Member Profiles

Republished 1st October 2018

Each month more profiles are added.

We wish to record profiles of all current and past members so please submit others to Subject to editorial review, they will be published with the author’s name and date. The profiles to be added this month include Jim Howden and Tony Johnson.

From the archives – 50 years ago

Published 1st October 2018


For some it does not seem to be that long ago but 1968 was 50 years ago. It was a good season for the Club winning many Championships. For this article we will follow the journey of Graeme Boykett, Stephen Gillon, David Douglas and John Harry, coxed by Tom Daffy and coached by Hubert Frederico.

In 1967, these rowers were selected to race at St Catherines Canada, North American Championships and also the European Championships. They won both their St Catherines and North American Championships races  and performed well at the European Championships.

Above: The 1967 crew in Canada

The crew disbanded after these events to race club senior eight and the King’s Cup.

Above: Club senior eight which won the State Championship


Boykett, Gillon, Douglas, Harry, Daffy and Frederico next raced as the stern four of the King’s Cup crew.  The Interstate Championships were due to be held at Ballarat but due to a severe drought, water levels were too low. NSW agreed to conduct the event at Penrith. The NSW crew won the King’s Cup race but only by one second to Victoria.  Subject to grading and final selections, the NSW crew was to be the Australian crew.

The total Australian Olympic team was restricted to 180 people in view of the poor 1964 results.

The selections for the other five Olympic events were conducted at the fourth National Championships at Murray Bridge in South Australia in May. The outstanding performers at the regatta were Paul Guest and David Ramage in the coxless pair. They were graded second behind the eight.

The selectors also believed that the coxed four of Graeme Boykett, John Harry, David Douglas, Stephen Gillon, cox Tom Daffy and coach Hubert Frederico were also of medal standing. This crew had won the North American Championships in 1967. However the restriction on numbers meant that they missed out.

David Douglas alone was selected to race in the men’s eight which won silver in Mexico.

Above: 1968 Australian Olympic eight with Douglas in the four seat


Tuesday night masters ergo night

Republished 1st October 2018


With the masters now doing ergos on Tuesday nights, the gym is getting crowded after 6pm. Every ergo was used on 1st August and there was not even a need for an ambulance.


Tuesday night is ergo night


Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 1st October 2018

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

Past news can be found through this link.