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Above – Kat Werry celebrates with her crew their rower of the year award on 28th October


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News covered below:

  • Mercs on the pages of World Rowing
  • Head of the Yarra in review
  • National Training Centre athletes compete at Head of the Yarra
  • Invitees announced for December time trial
  • Great aerial footage of the Men’s Open Eight finish
  • Vale Richard Crawshay
  • The masters are everywhere
  • Melbourne Head Regatta
  • Mercs athletes added to National Training Centre 2018 Intake
  • Masters get four eights out on Thursday night
  • Head of the Yarra entries
  • Tuesday night ergos
  • Member Profiles


Mercs of the pages of World Rowing

Published 30th November 2017


Mercantile has made the pages of the World Rowing website with the girl’s win in the open eight at the Head of the Yarra. The story was on the regatta but the picture was of our girls.

Above: Winning Mercs Eight taken from the World Rowing website. © Steve McArthur/Rowing Celebration


Head of the Yarra in Review

Published 26th November 2017


Sorry it has taken a day to report on the regatta but your correspondent takes a day to recover form such a race.


Another good day for Mercantile with eight entries.


Men’s Open Eight had a great tussle with a “best of the rest” crew – a crew comprising non Mercantile members of the National Training Centre. Alas the “best of the rest” defeated Mercs in a great race. To be fair, our stern four comprised our own National Training Centre athletes as well as David Crawshay coming back for the race.

Steve from Slingard Studios again has provided some terrific aerial shots of the crew – To find out more about Steve’s business, go to


Above: Our men’s open eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


Above: Our men’s open eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


The Open Women’s Eight was a clear win to Mercs with a crew stroked by Jen Cleary.

Above: Our women’s open eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


Above: Our women’s open eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


The men’s B eight was a big win, some 1.25 minutes ahead of the field.


Above: Our men’s B eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou

Above: Our men’s B eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou

Our women’s B eight had a great fight with UTS Sydney in a good row but finished second. It was a great row by our young crew.

Above: Our women’s B eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


Above: Our women’s B eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou

We had four masters crews also. Starting with the composite women’s crew, they finished fifth in a field of 12 crews. They were satisfied with their performance. Next year we hope to recruit enough women to boat a Mercantile crew.


The men’s G crew contained a visitor from New Zealand in Lee Spear. Lee is FISA’s continental Council Member for Oceania and enjoyed his Head of the Yarra experience. The crew was performing well, in front of their division, and going away well. They were a good minute in front when one of the crew members collapsed at St Kevin’s. After receiving medical assistance from Hawthorn and ensuring that he was in good hands, the crew finished the race with seven crew members. Well these things happen when you are a G crew. Our injured crew member is good and no harm was done other than a loss of pride. Despite the rest at St Kevins, and waiting for first aid to arrive and assess our injured crew member, this crew managed to beat 20 crews home! We do not know what these other crews were doing.

Above: Our men’s G masters ‘seven’ at Scotch, Lee Spear in the 3 seat – Photo George Theodossiou


Our men’s masters E crew had a creditable row finishing four in a field of 13 crews.

Above: Our men’s master E eight at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


Finally our men’s masters F crew also performed well and were happy finishing in the top half of the draw after a limited time together.

Above: Our men’s masters F crew at Scotch – Photo George Theodossiou


National Training Centre athletes race at Head of the Yarra

Published 22nd November 2017


Mercs members at the NTCs will be back racing for the Club at Head of the Yarra. Given that all NTC athletes will be racing, it will be great open men’s and women’s eights. Unlike MUBC, we will be boating all Mercs crews.



Robert Black

Liam Donald

Joshua Dunkley-Smith

Angus Widdicombe



Addy Dunkley-Smith

Katrina Werry


Go Mercs


Invitees announced for December time trial

Published 22nd November 2017


In addition to the NTC athletes, additional athletes are invited to the December time trial at Penrith. Three non-NTC Mercs athletes have been invited:

Amanda Bateman

Tom Hunt

James Rook

Congratulations to these athletes and Go Mercs.


Above: Amanda working hard in her semi-final at the Nationals


Great aerial footage of the Men’s Open Eight finish

Published 20th November 2017


Steve from slingard studios, shot an aerial video of the Mercantile Open 8 winning the Melbourne Head on Saturday and is available at this link – 


Steve was down taking footage of the Banks crews as his daughter coxes at that club. Steve’s business can be found at


PS: The regatta was ably referred by our own Treasurer Duncan MacKinnon. Congratulations Duncs on such a good regatta.



Vale Richard Crawshay

Published 20th November 2017


As mentioned in our review of the Melbourne Head, we were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Richard Crawshay, father of club member David and great friend of the Club. Richard was a fabulous supporter of David’s rowing endeavours and the Club.


The Celebration of the life of Richard will be held on Wednesday 22 November 2017, 2.00pm at Leonda by the Yarra, 2 Wallen Rd Hawthorn.



Above: A happy Richard after David won gold at Beijing


The masters are everywhere

Published 20th November 2017


Hasn’t anyone told these oldies that head racing is for the youngsters? There appears to be plenty of these old bods who have failed to receive the message that the mellow years are for relaxing and drinking beer and wine! The sad thing is that they appear to be enjoying it and are coming back next week to do an 8.6km Head of the Yarra, along with our women masters. Insanity is rife.


Above: Our male masters crews last Saturday – photo George Theodossiou


Melbourne Head Regatta

Published 18th November 2017


The Melbourne Head Regatta was a record entry and is now a major regatta.


Mercs performed excellently with a large entry. The Club wore black arm bands to recognise the death this week of Richard Crawshay, father of David and great friend of Mercantile. He was a fabulous supporter of David’s rowing endeavours and the Club.



Above: Crews warm up for racing

The first race on the program was the men’s pair with Mercantile members taking the five placings as follows:


1st Josh Dunkley-Smith and Josh Booth won handsomely.

2nd Callum Nott and Tom Hunt

3rd Patrick Boomer and Alex Wolf

4th Trevor Appier and Angus Moloney

5th Ben Canham and Alex Clarke


Michael McNamara was our best men’s sculler finishing third with James Hoban, Carl Tomczak, Alex Kinsella, Will Legge and Joel Cain following.


Above: the Yarra on race day


In the open women’s pair, Mercs finished 2nd 3rd and 4th.


2nd Sarah Harte and Georgie Gleeson

3rd Michaella Ballas and Kirsten Green

4th  Ellie Tomanovits and India Mattocks


Also in the women’s single, we settled for 2nd and 3rd with the others further back in the field:

2nd Amanda Bateman

3rd Madeleine Thomas


Josh Dunkley Smith teamed up with Josh Booth and other to take our the men’s four and then immediately backed up in the men’s eight. He won the sweep hat trick.


Above: The men’s four negotiating Swan Street Bridge works


Meghan Hester finished second in the open double.


In the eights, Mercs had great success.

In the men’s open eights, a weary Josh Dunkley Smith stroked the number crew to victory. Sadly David Crawshay could not race but this opened up the opportunity for Lachlan Murchie, son of past Mercs rower Andrew, to take the two seat.


Above: The winning open men’s eight Str: Josh Dunkley-Smith, 7: Tom Hunt, 6: Callum Nott, 5: Benjamin Canham, 4: Alexander Clarke, 3: Alexander Wolf, 2: Lachlan Murchie, Bow: Angus Maloney and coxed by James Rook

The second men’s open eight finished third.

Above: Second open eight – Str: Trevor Appier, 7: Patrick Boomer, 6: James Hoban, 5: Joel Cain, 4: Mitchell Hooper, 3: Isaac Sanderson, 2: Michael McNamara, Bow: Maximilian Hanna, and coxed by Roy Zhang


The women’s eight raced well but were defeated by a more experience Uni crew.


Above: The Mercs eight. Str: Madeleine Thomas, 7: Olivia Sibillin, 6: Amanda Bateman, 5: Georgia Stewart, 4: Sarah Harte, 3: Kirsten Green, 2: Michaella Ballas, Bow:  Georgie Gleeson and coxed by Adelaide Cester


Our youthies eight also raced but finished further back in the field.

Above: Mercs No 2 open eight – Str: Skyla Froebel, 7: Meghan Hester, 6: Ellie Tomanovits, 5: Sophie Balson, 4: Jane Perrignon, 3: India Mattocks, 2: Phoebe Wolf, Bow: Bella Logie-Smith, Cox: Ella Jackson


Our men’s quad won their race. This boat contains a few lightweights sweep converts.


Above: Men’s Quad –  Str: Carl Tomczak, 3: Alexander Kinsella, 2: Riley Hazard, Bow: William Legge 


We also had four masters eights and a double.

Above: Some of our masters group relaxing after their eights race.


Mercs athletes added to National Training Centre 2018 Intake

Published 11th November 2017


Addy Dunkley Smith has been invited to the National Training Centre in Penrith to join Katrina Werry. The old pair partners are reunited!


On the men’s side, Josh Dunkley Smith and Liam Donald join Angus Widdicombe and Red Matthews at the National Training Centre in Canberra. No coxswains have been named at this stage so James Rook remains in Melbourne.


Congratulations to our Mercantile members.


The full list follows.


Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre, Sydney

Intake 1

Name State Club
Lucy Stephan VIC Melbourne University Boat Club
Molly Goodman SA Adelaide Rowing Club
Katrina Werry VIC Mercantile Rowing Club
Sarah Hawe TAS Huon Rowing Club
Olympia Aldersey SA Adelaide Rowing Club
Madeleine Edmunds QLD Commercial Rowing Club
Georgia Miansarow NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Georgia Nesbitt TAS Huon Rowing Club
Alice Arch VIC Melbourne University Boat Club
Amy James QLD Toowong Rowing Club
Genevieve Horton NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Rowena Meredith NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Leah Saunders NSW Sydney Rowing Club
Caitlin Cronin QLD University of Queensland Boat Club


Intake 2

Name State Club
Georgina Gotch NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Fiona Ewing NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Addy Dunkley-Smith VIC Mercantile Rowing Club
Rosemary Popa VIC Banks Rowing Club
Ciona Wilson TAS Tamar Rowing Club
Hannah Vermeersch WA West Australian Rowing Club
Jacinta Edmunds QLD Commercial Rowing Club
Annabelle McIntyre WA Freemantle Rowing Club



Reinhold Batschi Men’s National Training Centre

Intake 1

Name State Club
Alexander Hill SA Adelaide Rowing Club
Joshua Hicks WA Sydney Rowing Club
Jack Hargreaves NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Spencer Turrin NSW Sydney Rowing Club
Angus Widdicombe VIC Mercantile Rowing Club
Darcy Wruck QLD Commercial Rowing Club


Intake 2

Name State Club
Caleb Antill ACT Australian National University BC
David Watts WA Swan River Rowing Club
Angus Moore NSW Sydney Rowing Club
Timothy Masters VIC UTS Rowing Club
Alexander Purnell NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Luke Letcher ACT Black Mountain Rowing Club
Hamish Playfair NSW UTS Rowing Club
Campbell Watts NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Nathan Bowden SA Sydney Rowing Club
Robert Black NSW Mercantile Rowing Club
Nicholas Purnell NSW Sydney University Boat Club
Simon Keenan VIC Melbourne University Boat Club
Benjamin Coombs VIC UTS Rowing Club
Liam Donald VIC Mercantile Rowing Club
Joshua Booth VIC Melbourne University Boat Club
Joshua Dunkley-Smith VIC Mercantile Rowing Club
Jack Kelly SA Adelaide Rowing Club
Blair Tunevitsch TAS Tamar Rowing Club
Redmond Matthews VIC Mercantile Rowing Club


Masters get four eights out on Thursday night

Published 11 November 2017


The popularity of masters rowing is growing at Mercs with four eights boated last Thursday night. The beer and sausages order have had to be increased!



Head of the Yarra entries

Updated 11th November 2017


We have our 7 boats entered in the HoY field which is now rapidly filling up. The crews as listed are subject to change of personnel.


Luckily our Mercs administration were aware of the likelihood of too many entries and got our entries in early. The race entries were oversubscribed and the waiting list has 40 crews on it!


FO8+ Mercantile Kirstie GreenMichaella BallasOlivia SibillinAmanda BatemanAddy Dunkley SmithMadeleine ThomasJennifer ClearyKatrina Werry, Cox: Sarah Banting, Coach: Brigette Carlile
Callum NottRed MatthewsDavid CrawshayBenjamin CanhamAngus WiddicombeTom HuntJosh Dunkley-SmithLiam Donald, Cox: James Rook
William LeggeAlexander KinsellaJoel CainJames HobanAlexander WolfTrevor AppierAngus MaloneyCarl Tomczak, Cox: Roy Zhang
(G) Colin KimptonJeffrey LawrenceLee SpearRoger AllenAndrew GuerinRay DawsonSean ColganJeffrey Thompson, Cox: Bill Webster
Mercantile Composite
(F) Hugh Sarjeant[CGRC], Chris Ratcliffe[MERC], James Garrett[MERC], Brenton Rasheed[TOOW], John Manolitsas[MERC], Peter Dempster[MERC], Peter Smith[MERC], Andrew Phillips[MERC], Cox: Ally Legge[MERC]
(E) James GarrettGregory HansenPeter De GarisHugh McVickerGeoff BardenJohn GrantHamish FitzsimmonsAndrew McDonald, Cox: Seb Jenner


Above: Mercantile Victorious Men’s Open Eight in 2016


Go Mercs


Tuesday night masters ergo night

Republished 1st November2017


With the masters now doing ergos on Tuesday nights, the gym is getting crowded after 6pm. Every ergo was used on 1st August and there was not even a need for an ambulance.


Tuesday night is ergo night


Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 1st November 2017

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

Past news can be found through this link.