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Above – Mercantile at Henley on Thames


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News covered below:

  • Arthur Atkins’ 100th birthday party Sun 6th August
  • Mercantile zootie spotted at….
  • William Patrick Crawshay set for the 2040 Australian team
  • Australian Senior Team announced – Mercs members included
  • Gold for Mercantile at World Under 23 Championships
  • Women’s Under 23 Four win repechage at WU23 Champs
  • Men’s U23 Four win heat at WU23 Champs
  • World Under 23 Championships start tonight
  • Scotch Mercantile Regatta 2017 – YouTube video now available
  • Aussie Under 21 Trans Tasman Series – First leg
  • World Cup III – Lucerne – Golden Day 3
  • World Cup III – Lucerne – Day 2
  • World Cup III – Lucerne – Day 1
  • Henley Royal Regatta – Day 5
  • Henley Royal Regatta – Day 4
  • More Mercs members join Australian team
  • Expressions of interest called for Masters in Paradise
  • Advance notice – Arthur Atkins’ 100th birthday party Sun 6th August
  • New Mercs tie
  • Member Profiles


Arthur Atkins 100th Birthday Celebrations

Published 29th July 2017


We are only one week away from the party of the year, Arthur Artkin’s 100th birthday at the Club.  Details are:

High Tea
Sunday 6 August 2017 –  2pm
Mercantile Rowing Club
Adult  $20.00
Athlete $10.00
Champers on arrival then drinks at Bar Prices
RSVP 2 August 2017 on Try booking



Above: Arthur at the boat naming of the David Browne


Mercantile zootie spotted at….

Published 27th July 2017


This month our intrepid zootie spotters were on the Canning Stock Route, approximately 500 km north of Wiluna WA.

Above: Andrew Phillips way out west unsuccessfully trying to find a rowing club



William Patrick Crawshay set for the 2040 Australian team

Published 25th July 2017


Congratulations to Siobhan and Crawsh on the arrival of William Patrick Crawshay, a doubles partner for brother Daniel.


He arrived on 19 July 2017 at 9:25am, and weighed in at a handy 10lb 5oz (4.68kg) and measured 55cm, continuing the theme of whopper babies. Mum and bub are going well, and brother Daniel is looking forward to a new play pal/doubles partner!


Above: A happy Mum with William Patrick


Above: The future doubles combination get acquainted under Crawsh’s watchful eye


Australian Senior Team announced – Mercs Members included

Published 25th July 2017


Rowing Australia today announced the 10 crews that are set to represent Australia at the upcoming 2017 World Rowing Championships to be held in Sarasota-Bradenton, USA.


The four women’s crews, five men’s crews and one men’s para-rowing crew will compete at the event held from 24 September to 1 October 2017. The selectors have made a clear choice in both the men’s and women’s sweep to make the fours the priority boats.


The Mercs members in the team are:

Katrina Werry – Four

Red Matthews – Lightweight Quad

James Rook – Eight and Coxed Pair

Gus Widdicombe – Coxed pair


The full team is:

PR1 Men’s Single Scull (formerly AS Men’s Single Scull)
Erik Horrie (NSWIS/Sydney RC/NSW)

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Scull 
Amy James (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Toowong RC/QLD)
Georgia Miansarow (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Alice Arch (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Georgia Nesbitt (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Huon RC/TAS)

Women’s Quadruple Scull 
Caitlin Cronin (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/UQBC/QLD)
Rowena Meredith (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Genevieve Horton (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Leah Saunders (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Sydney RC/NSW)

Women’s Double Scull 
Madeleine Edmunds (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Commercial RC/QLD)
Olympia Aldersey (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Adelaide RC/SA)

Women’s Four
Molly Goodman (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Adelaide RC/SA)
Sarah Hawe (TIS/Huon RC/TAS)
Katrina Werry (VIS/Mercantile RC/VIC)
Lucy Stephan (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/Melbourne University BC/VIC)

Women’s Reserves 
Fiona Ewing (NSWIS/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Georgina Gotch (Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC/ Sydney University BC/NSW)

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Scull
Sean Murphy (NSWIS/Mosman RC/NSW)
James Kerr (WAIS/University of WA BC/WA)
Redmond Matthews (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Hamish Parry (QAS/Toowing RC/QLD)

Lightweight Men’s Sculling Reserve
Cameron Fowler (Swan River RC/WA)

Men’s Double Scull
David Watts (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Swan River RC/WA)
Luke Letcher (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Black Mountain RC/ACT)

Men’s Four
Alexander Hill (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Adelaide RC/SA)
Jack Hargreaves (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Spencer Turrin (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney RC/NSW)
Joshua Hicks (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney RC/WA)

Men’s Eight
Alexander Purnell (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Hamish Playfair (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/University of Technology Sydney RC/NSW)
Simon Keenan (NSWIS/Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Campbell Watts (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Tim Masters (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/University of Technology Sydney RC/VIC)
Benjamin Coombs (University of Technology Sydney RC/VIC)
Nathan Bowden (Sydney RC/SA)
Angus Moore (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Sydney RC/NSW)
James Rook (Mercantile RC/VIC)

Men’s Reserves (also racing Men’s Coxed Pair if not required as a reserve)
Angus Widdicombe (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Mercantile RC/VIC)
Darcy Wruck (Reinhold Batshi Men’s NTC/Commercial RC/QLD)

Men’s Coaches – all based at Reinhold Batschi Men’s National Training Centre
Head Coach: Ian Wright
Senior Coaches: Mark Prater and Andrew Randell

Women’s Coaches – all based at Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre
Head Coach: John Keogh
Senior Coaches: Tom Westgarth and Ellen Randell

Para-rowing Coaches
Senior Para-rowing Coach: Gordon Marcks (Rowing Australia)
Coach: Jason Baker (Sydney RC/NSW)


Gold for Mercantile at World Under 23 Championships

Published 23rd July 2017


We wake up this morning to the great news that the Australian Men’s Four containing Club members Liam Donald and Rob Black have won gold at the World Under 23 Rowing Championships.


Above: the winning four on the podium – photo Igor Meijer

This crew won their semi-final in a new under-23 World Best Time of 5:44.28 over eventual silver medallists Great Britain. After this semi-final, the final was to be a cracker against Great Britain.

Above: celebrating success – Photo Igor Meijer

The start was tight with nothing between the two crews over the first 500 metres with Australia gaining a narrow lead only at the 500 metres. The Australians then had a superb middle 1000 metres burning off the British crew in the second 500 metres. The remarkably even pace of the Australians show that they raced a highly disciplined race, 1:25.15, 1:27.55, 1:28.41 and 1:29.05. Rob Black said: We had a perfect race, it was completely to plan. We had rehearsed our plan throughout our campaign and I am proud of all the hard work. Today was the reward for all that we’ve done. It wasn’t won today it was won over the last three months.


Above: crossing the line – Photo Igor Meijer


This was Rob’s second gold medal at the Under 23 level having been in the winning quad scull last year.


In other news at the regatta, the Australian women’s four which includes club members India Dempsey and Amanda Bateman finished second in the B final behind Belarus. The World Rowing website reported the race as follows: Belarus led the way out of the blocks and got some clear water between them and the rest of the field. This left a close race between the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand. Coming through the third 500 Australia had gotten into second with New Zealand challenging them. This closed the gap on Belarus and saw get second just over New Zealand.

From the results sheets, the Australians again clearly had a poor first 500 metres finishing last at that point and giving the Belarus crew nearly three seconds advantage. However the rest of their race was clearly superb with an even and fast performance. Without hearing from the crew, one must conclude that the lack of tough racing experience impacted their start.


The other Australian crews also performed well with two silver medals coming to the team in the women’s quad scull and women’s pair.



Women’s Under 23 Four win repechage at WU23 Champs

Published 21st July 2017


The Australian women’s four had a far better race today in the repechage with a far stronger first 1000 metres to finish first and through to the semi finals. Their heat had all the hall marks of a crew coming out of an Australian winter into a European summer against race hardened crews. The additional race through the repechage will have done them much good.


The Rowing Australia website reported as follows:

The crew, coached by Annabelle Eaton, fired out of the start, at a rate of 44 strokes per minute in the first 50 metres, ready to do battle with their competitors, who ultimately came in the form of the USA.

Through the first 500m of the repechage, it was the USA that led but, as the crew passed the marker, Australia maintained a fast pace and passed the Americans to take the lead, holding it through to the conclusion of the race and booking themselves a spot in tomorrow’s semi-finals.

The crew will contest the semi-final tomorrow (Friday) against New Zealand, Belarus, Italy, Germany and Denmark.


The crew comprises:

Bow: Elise Franetic – MUBC
2: India Dempsey – Mercs
3: Amanda Bateman – Mercs
Str: Rafaela Stalph – Harvard/Sydney University BC

Above: Women’s Four in their heat – photo from FISA website


The semi-finals for both the men’s and women’s fours is tonight. We wait with great anticipation.

U23 Women’s Four – Semi-Final (Top 3 to A-Final) 17:39 local time (00:39 AEST)

U23 Men’s Four – Semi-Final (Top 3 to A-Final) 18:00 local time (01:00 AEST)


Above: The men’s four in the heat – photo from FISA website



Men’s U23 Four win heat at WU23 Champs

Published 20th September 2017


Last night in Plovdiv Bulgaria, the Australian men’s four containing Mercantile members Liam Donald and Rob Black comfortably won their heat. The crew comprised –


Bow: Rob Black – Mercs
2: Harley Moore – UQBC
3: Liam Donald – Mercs
Str: Adam Bakker – UQBC


The four won comfortably with a great first 500 metres which gave them clear water. They then put in a solid middle 1000 metres being the fastest crew in each of the first three 500 meter intervals before taking the pedal off in the last 500 metres. The prospects for this crew in the final are good.


Above: The opening ceremony – from FISA website


The women’s four comprising Club members India Dempsey and Amanda Bateman did not have it so much their way. They did not have a good start and first 500 metres leaving them too far off the pace. Although they raced well during the middle stages of the race and came home strongly, they will need to row through the repechage to make the final.


World Under 23 Championships start tonight

Published 19th July 2017



The World Under 23 Championships start tonight in Plovdiv Bulgaria.



Mercantile has representatives in both the men’s and women’s fours.



The team comprises:


U23 Men’s Single Scull 
Caleb Antill (Australian National University BC/RBNTC/ACT)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (WAIS/WA)

U23 Men’s Four
Harley Moore (University of Queensland BC/QAS/QLD)
Adam Bakker (University of Queensland BC/QAS/QLD)
Liam Donald (Mercantile RC/VIS/VIC)
Rob Black (Mercantile RC/NSWIS/NSW)
Coach: Antonio Maurogiovanni (Swan River RC/WA)

U23 Men’s Coxed Four
Henry Youl (Tamar RC/TIS/TAS)
Sam Hardy (Harvard University/Sydney RC/NSW)
Sam Marsh (Swan River RC/WAIS/WA)
Andrew Judge (Sydney University BC/NSW)
Coxswain – Georgia Litt (Adelaide University BC/SA)
Coach: Ben Southwell (QAS/QLD)

U23 Women’s Pair
Annabelle McIntyre (Fremantle RC/WAIS/WA)
Bronwyn Cox (University of WA/WAIS/WA)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (WAIS/WA)

U23 Women’s Four
Rafaela Stalph (Harvard/Sydney University BC/NSW)
Amanda Bateman (Mercantile RC/VIC)
India Dempsey (Mercantile RC/VIC)
Elise Franetic (Melbourne University BC/VIC)
Coach: Annabelle Eaton (Melbourne University BC/VIC)

U23 Women’s Quadruple Scull
Caitlin Cronin (University of Queensland BC/HPWNTC/QLD)
Rowena Meredith (Sydney University BC/HPWNTC/NSW)
Genevieve Horton (Sydney University BC/HPWNTC/NSW)
Harriet Hudson (Sydney RC/NSWIS/NSW)
Coach: Ellen Randell (HPWNTC)

U23 Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Scull 
Wallis Russell (Sydney University BC/QAS/QLD)
Verayna Zlim (Adelaide RC/SASI/SA)
Madeleine Williams (University of Queensland BC/QLD)
Georgina Masters (UTS RC/NSWIS/NSW)
Coach: Alfie Young (Sydney University BC/NSW)


Good luck to all the Australian crews and particularly our Mercantile members. Go Mercs!



Scotch Mercantile Regatta 2017 – YouTube video now available

Published 19th July 2017


The live stream footage of all the finals at this year’s Scotch Mercantile Regatta conducted the week before the 150th Head of the River is now available for you to download.


Race footage can be found by visiting the Rowing Victoria website at:


The Scotch Mercantile Regatta run by the Cardinal Club and Mercantile Rowing Club continues to set the bench mark in terms of Victorian Rowing regattas, and this live stream
facility could not be provided without then generous support of the regatta sponsors, with the key sponsors being featured on these videos.


We hope you will enjoy this excellent video coverage.



Aussie Under 21 Trans Tasman Series – First leg

Published 17th March 2017


Your correspondent apologises for this late report – he has been overseas on other assignments.


The Trans Tasman Series for under 21 rowers is a a point score system in which rowers race in a number of boats.

The points for racing are awarded in the finals as follows:

  1. 1st – 6 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 2 points and 4th – 1 point for –W1x, M1x, W2- and M2-.
  2. 1st – 6 points and 2nd – 4 points for LW2x, LM2x, W4-, M4-, W4x, M4x, W8+ and M8+.
  3. 1st – 2 points and 2nd – 1 point for LW1x, LM1x and MixL2x.

Medals are awarded to the first-placed boat in each category.


Above: Our pair of Ben Canham and Alex Clarke with Alexis Hancock playing to the camera at Penrith


The Mercantile representatives are:

Men’s sweep – Ben Canham and Alex Clarke

Men’s sweep cox: Alexis Hancock

Men’s sweep coach: Brigette Carlisle


It is the first Australian representation for all these members.


Above: Alex Clarke, Brigette Carlisle and Ben Canham


Rowing Australia reported on the first leg of the series as follows.


Australia’s U21 Rowing Team started its retention bid of the Rusty Robertson Trophy in fine form this past weekend, winning the first leg of the regatta by 155 points to New Zealand’s 127.


Racing began on Thursday (29 June) with Australia’s crews winning four out of the eight small boat finals, with a noticeably strong performance from the Lightweight Men’s Double Scull of Patrick Boere and Chase Deitner who crossed the line some eight seconds ahead of New Zealand’s Jordan Gasson and Joseph Graham.



Friday (30 june) was an extremely positive day for the Australians with the U21 Women’s and Men’s Fours and the U21 Women’s and Men’s Quadruple Sculls all winning their finals and securing the maximum points for the country. The Mixed Lightweight Double Scull of Mitchell Reinhard and Celia Cowan finished second in their final, to add another point to Australia’s total, which saw the hosts sitting comfortably on 135 points at the close of the second day’s racing.



Saturday (1 July) saw the U21 Men’s and Women’s Eights go head to head in the final day of racing. The two teams each create a male and female crew, made up from the various athletes that have raced throughout the three-day regatta and Saturday saw Australia’s U21 Men’s Eight win in both their heat and final, while the U21 Women’s Eight came in second to a strong New Zealand U21 Women’s Eight.



With the final victory of the U21 Men’s Eight in the bag, Australia has finished the first leg of the Trans-Tasman Regatta with a total of 155 points, and will travel to New Zealand in August for the second leg. The team will no doubt be buoyed by these results, which put them in good stead to retain the Rusty Robertson Trophy which is awarded to the victors of the U21 Trans-Tasman Regatta.



Head Coach, Jason Lane said: “We’re extremely pleased with the performances of the whole team here in Penrith on the first leg of the Trans-Tasman Regatta. It’s been great for the young athletes to get out and race in their crews and get plenty of wins under their belts.



“This certainly will have given the team confidence as they head into the second leg in New Zealand next month, however we won’t be resting on our laurels ahead of the second leg. The team will prepare with a camp ahead of travelling to Lake Karapiro to race in the second-leg and hopefully secure the Rusty Robertson Trophy once again.”



Australia will travel to New Zealand on 21 August, with the second-leg of the U21 Trans-Tasman Regatta set to take place from 24 to 26 August on Lake Karapiro.



Above: The eight training on the Nepean River


As mentioned above, the Australians won the first leg of the series. Our pair finished second to New Zealand in the pair, first in the four and first in the eight. The margin in the pair was only 0.04 seconds, in essence a dead heat. Let us hope that the return leg in New Zealand comes up with a changed result.


Congratulations Australia and Go Mercs.



World Cup III – Lucerne – Golden Day 3

Published 9th July 2017


Mercs members were out again on the finals day of the Olympic boat classes today. First up was Gus Widdicombe in the B final of the men’s four. Unfortunately the pace was too hot for them and they finished fifth. However they raced very well and if left alone, will benefit from more combination.


Above: Our four mid race

Above: Our four mid way through race


But better was to come for Mercs with Katrina Werry winning gold in the four. The crew started well but in third place at the 500 metre mark. The Russians were playing a catch me if you can race and they were caught in the third 500 metres by the Australians. The move looked to start in the second 500 metres and continued through the third 500 metres. The Australians were the fastest crew through the middle 1000 metres. The Russians held on gamely to finish in second. Interestingly this race was very similar to the race rowed by the Aussies in Poznan.


Above: Final stages of the race


Above: Podium

Above: A happy Katrina Werry

Above: Podium

Above: Playing to the photographers

Above: Club member and NZL men’s head coach, Noel Donaldson at the regatta


Above: Mercs parents enjoying the regatta

The next race for Mercs was Katrina doubling up in the pair, alas this time without a medal.

Above: Katrina in the bow seat of the pair

The men’s eight steered by club member James Rook finished with silver after trying to row down the fast starting German crew. The margin at the finish was not much.

Above the final stages of the race

Above: Podium

Above: James Rook receiving his medal from FISA President Jean-Christophe Rolland

Above: Australian crew

Next stop, World Championships.



World Cup III – Lucerne – Day 2

Published 8th July 2017 (progressively updated during the regatta)


Mercs members have already started racing at Lucerne on Day 2. Red Matthews raced in the repechage of the Men’s Lightweight Quad Scull this morning and will now compete in the final late this afternoon Lucerne time or early morning Melbourne time.


The quad raced well against some great opposition in the Italians and fought off challenges to finish comfortably in second place. The final should be a cracker.

Above: The final stages of the race

Above: Holding off challenges

Above: Easily holding off second place


Kat Werry again excelled in her repechage. The pair started slower than the New Zealanders who tried to unsettle them. They were unperturbed and raced a superb and even race to win comfortably.


Above: Kat during the pre race talk


Above: During the middle 1000m

Above: During the middle 1000m

The next Mercs member up was Gus Widdicombe in the four semi final. This was a tough race for this young four with little combination under their belts. They raced very well but finished last in their semi-final so will race in the B final.


Above: the men’s four during the middle of the race

Above: Men’s Four again in the middle 1000m

Above: Men’s Four in middle 1000m


In the men’s coxed pair, James Rook steered the pair to a silver medal.


Above: James after the race

Above the final stages of the race


Above: Podium


Above: The Australians

In the final of the men’s lightweight quad scull, the Australian crew raced very well in a very tight race but missed the podium.

Above: last part of the race

Above Last part of the race


Above: Another shot of the last part of the race


The women’s lightweight quad scull deserves special mention winning their own race and also making the final of the heavy quad. Well done girls.


Above: Podium of lightweight race


Enough for one day, more tomorrow night. Your correspondent now needs to enjoy the hospitality of the organising committee.


World Cup III – Lucerne – Day 1

Published 7th July 2017


Mercantile representatives featured at the World Cup heats today. Full results can be found on the World Rowing website so will not be reprinted here.


First up today from Mercs was Kat Werry in the pair. It was a doubling up race to get some racing experience for the four so they broke it down over the last 500 metres to prepare for the four. They finished last as a result of this tactic and saved themselves for a good race in the four.


Above: The pair enjoyed a laugh with the boat holder after hitting him of an empty water bottle

Above: Kat in the bow seat – first stroke of the race

Next up was Gus Widdicombe in the four who finished third in their heat which will require a repechage this afternoon. Given the last minute changes to the Australian eight, this four has had little preparation in this combination and performed well.

Above: the roll call is underway

Above: Gus stroking the four again off the start.


Next Mercs member up was Kat Werry again in the women’s four which raced superbly. The Australian four finished first in their heat in the fastest time. This is a promising sign for this good crew.

Above: The four off the start with Kat in the two seat

The next Mercs member up was Red Matthews in the lightweight quad scull which finished third and so relegated to the repechage later today.


Above: The lightweight quad off the start with Red in the two seat


Last up for Mercs was James Rook in the eight. The crew raced well and finished in first place in the fastest time.


Above: James doing his job at the start

And finally Gus stroked the four through to the semi finals via a repechage.

Above: Gus taking the crew across the line


Above: Gus sends his regards to the Club


Henley Royal Regatta – Day 5

Published 3rd July 2017


Sadly the two Joshs’ did defeat the French World Cup Champions today. However they raced well in a tough and high rating race.


Above: The men’s pair close to the finish


The Scotch Crew raced a great race to win the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

Above: The Scotch winning their race

Above: With the Trophy


Above: The Wyfold Four with Sean Colgan


Above: More Mercs members at HRR


Above: a superb photo from Tristan Shipsides – the unfortunate face of defeat

Above: Patrick Boomer, another Mercantile graduate, in the six seat of the University of London crew


Henley Royal Regatta – Day 4

Published 2nd July 2017


The Club representation was down to Josh Dunkley Smith in the Sliver Goblets and he did not disappoint.  He and Josh Booth raced superbly to make the final on Sunday. They now race the current World Cup champions from France in what will be a tough race.


Above: Off the start

Above: during the race



Above: during the race

Above: during the race

Above: The finish

Above: Those blazers do stand out


Above: Scotch defeat Eton

More than 70 people joined us for the Mercs dinner at HRR.

Above: Noel Donaldson leading the National Anthem, the Australian National Anthem



More Mercs Members off to Australian Under 23 team

Published 2nd July 2017


Amanda Bateman and  India Dempsey have been selected for the Australian Under 23 team. They are heading straight to Europe with this late selection process.

Above: India Dempsey at the Nationals

Good luck and Go Mercs.






Expressions of Interest Called for Masters in Paradise

Republished 1st July 2017


An attractive opportunity for our masters, which we propose to support, is Masters in Paradise, a highly regarded regatta in Vanuatu. The cost is about $3000 all inclusive and all who have been before, loved the welcoming experience.


For more details, please go to: For those of us who know Greg Pechan from BGS, he is a resident of Vanuatu and a backer of this event.


Please provide your interest in this event to our masters coordinator Andrew Guerin  so that we can get our group together.


Above: 1984 Victoria Champion Lightweight four with Greg in bow seat


 Advance notice – Arthur Atkins’ 100th birthday party Sun 6th August, 2pm

Republished 1st July 2017


Please keep Sunday 6th August at 2pm free to come down to the Club and celebrate with Arthur Atkins on his achievement this magnificent milestone. Arthur turns 100 on the day before.


Above: Arthur at the boat naming of the David Browne


Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 1st July  2017

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

Past news can be found through this link.