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Above – Josh Dunkley Smith enjoys a win in the men’s four for the Bob Aitken Memorial Trophy with fellow winner Patrick Boomer and the silver medallists 


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News covered below:

  • Under age teams announced
  • ANZAC Service
  • James Rook hits the airwaves
  • More Mercs members makes the senior team
  • From the Archives – Newsletter to Club members 16th November 1946
  • Awards Night – Sat 28th April 6.30pm
  • More bridge works – this time Princes Bridge
  • ANZAC Service and President’s Luncheon
  • Mercantile members in Australian senior team
  • Mercantile members in under age squads
  • Member Profiles
  • Thursday Night Social Hour

Under age teams announced

Published  23rd April 2018


The under age trial finished on the weekend with the following teams announced.


Under 23 team

Mercantile’s Ria Thompson was selected. Ria has had an outstanding year and finished it with good performances at trials.

U23 Women’s Pair
Giorgia Patten West Australian Rowing Club/WA/WAIS
Bronwyn Cox University of WA Boat Club/WA/WAIS
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe WAIS/WA
U23 Women’s Lightweight Single Scull
Wallis Russell Sydney University Boat Club/QLD/NSWIS
Coach: Alfie Young Sydney University Boat Club/NSW
U23 Women’s Double Scull
Harriet Hudson Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS
Ria Thompson Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC/VIS
Coach: Donovan Cech Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
U23 Men’s Coxless Pair
Andrew Judge Sydney University BC/NSW/NSWIS
Jack O’Brien Sydney University BC/NSW/NSWIS
Coach: Don McLachlan Sydney University BC/NSW
U23 Lightweight Men’s Double Scull
Matthew Curtin UTS Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS
Leon Chambers Sydney University BC/NSW/NSWIS
Coach: Don McLachlan Sydney University BC/NSW
U23 Lightweight Women’s Double Scull
Verayna Zilm Adelaide Rowing Club/SA/SASI
Georgina Masters UTS Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe WAIS/WA
U23 Lightweight Men’s Single Scull
Sean Murphy Mosman Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS
Coach: Matthias Ungemach Mosman Rowing Club/NSW


Under 21 team

Our outstanding under 21 girls had a great season and so it was no surprise that two of them, Skyla Froebel and Kirstie Green, were selected as the women’s pair, and their coach Brigette Carlile, again selected as a coach.

U21 Men’s Coxless Pair
Nick Lavery UTS Rowing Club/NSW
Paddy Holt UTS Rowing Club/NSW
U21 Men’s Coxless Pair
Alex Nichol Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Jackson Kench Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS
U21 Men’s Single Scull
Alex Grzeskowiak Capital Lakes Rowing Club/ACT
U21 Men’s Single Scull
Matt Murray Sydney University Boat Club/NSW
U21 Lightweight Men’s Single Scull (3)
Rohan James Swan River Rowing Club/WA
Nathan Kennedy Australian National University BC/ACT
Connor Ryan North Esk Rowing Club/TAS
U21 Women’s Coxless Pair
Skyla Froebel Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC/VIS
Kirstie Green Mercantile Rowing Club/NSW
U21 Women’s Coxless Pair
Alexandra Finlay Griffith University Surfers Paradise RC Club/QLD
Ella Bramwell Adelaide Rowing Club/SA
U21 Women’s Single Scull (2)
Olivia Bartram UTS Rowing Club/NSW
Charlotte Wirtz Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC
U21 Lightweight Women’s Single Scull (3)
Celia Cowan Adelaide University BC/SA
Michaela Franz Sydney University BC/NSW
Portia Bennett University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD/QAS
Coxswains (2)
Andrew Le West Australian Rowing Club/WA
Phoebe Georgakas Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC
 Head Coach: Jason Lane  SASI/SA
 Debbie Fox
 Sydney University BC/NSW
 Brigette Carlile
 Mercantile RC/VIC
 David Gely
 UTS Rowing Club/NSW
 Alex Field
 UTS Rowing Club/NSW


Junior team


Andrew Cleary’s fine work with his support of Geelong school rowing paid off with a junior pair of Hamish Wynn-Pope from GGS and Jack Thornton of GC being selected with Andrew as coach.


Junior Women’s Single Scull
Taylor McCarthy-Smith Brisbane & GPS Rowing Club/QLD/QAS
Coach: Ben Southwell Queensland Academy of Sport/QLD
Junior Women’s Double Scull
Laura Chancellor Toowong RC/QLD
Nicela Martincic UTS Rowing Club/NSW
Coach: Ben Southwell Queensland Academy of Sport/QLD
Junior Men’s Single Scull
Cormac Kennedy-Leverett Griffith University Surfers Paradise RC/QLD/QAS
Coach: Marcus Free Griffith University Surfers Paradise/QLD
Junior Women’s Coxless Four
Phoebe Robinson Toowong RC/QLD
Hilary Ballinger Griffith University Surfers Paradise RC/QLD
Jessica Scott Griffith University Surfers Paradise RC/QLD
Leukie Smith Griffith University Surfers Paradise RC/QLD
Coach: Sean Carolan Griffith University Surfers Paradise RC/QLD
Junior Men’s Coxed Four
Ben Gerrard Swan River RC/WA
Logan Ullrich KAND Rowing Club/QLD
Miller Rowe KAND Rowing Club/QLD
Hamish Henriques West Australian Rowing Club/WA
Coxswain: Isaac Schmidt KAND Rowing Club/QLD
Coach: Jamie Hewlett WAIS/WA
Junior Men’s Pair
Hamish Wynn-Pope Geelong Grammar Boat Club/VIC
Jack Thornton Geelong College Boat Club/BIC
Coach: Andrew Cleary Geelong College Boat Club/ Barwon RC/VIC
Junior Women’s Coxed Four
Lauren Graham Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Ella Mentzines Sydney University BC/NSW
Rachel Balcomb Sydney University BC/NSW
Isabelle Furrer Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Coxswain: Hannah Cowap Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Coach: Lachlan Carter Sydney Rowing Club/NSW

ANZAC Service

Published 23rd April 2018


The memory of members who gave their lives in the service of their country was again revived at the Clubhouse as is the tradition of the Club. Annually, the names and stories of those members who failed to return resound around the Clubhouse. We shall remember them. Lest we forget.


Above: Those attending enjoy a sumptuous luncheon and good company 


This year the life and service of Arthur Lingham was remembered. Arthur died in December 1916 in France after suffering gun shot wounds to the head. Arthur’s loss was devastating to his family and friends. He was a great leader and a much loved man. Even a year after his death, his parents were struggling to make sense of his death. They published a poem in The Argus in 1917 in his memory which even today is hard to read.


It was fitting that the name and deeds of Arthur should again resound around the Clubhouse. His profile has been published under the member profile section of the website.



James Rook hits the airwaves

Published 21st April 2018


In case you missed James on Grandstand today, you can hear part of the interview here:

It’s missing the intro, but you can listen to the majority of it.


Go Mercs


More Mercs members makes the Senior team

Published 17th April 2018

As you will be aware, the 2018 Australian Rowing Team’s Women’s Eight was initially announced without a nominated coxswain, with the intention that the coxswain would be selected following the SIRR.


Further to this subsequent selection activity, RA announced today that the coxswain for the 2018 Australian Rowing Team’s Women’s Eight set to compete at World Rowing Cups 2 and 3 is our own James Rook. Clearly the girls know a good cox. He joins Kat & Addy on board. Kat currently rowing 7 seat and Addy in bow.


Above: James as cox of the men’s eight at Lucerne in 2017


This will be the first time that Australia has selected a male coxswain for its Women’s Eight in international competition. Rook made his debut for Australia in 2017, when he coxed the Men’s Coxed Pair and Men’s Eight, at the 2017 World Rowing Championships.


Great work Rooky.


Also, an error by your correspondent – Michael McNamara is in the squad of 5 for the AUS LM4x for World Cups 2 & 3. Thanks Chipper for the correction and apologies to Mick.


Above: Mick fifth from the left receiving medals for the lightweight eight


Go Mercs.


From the Archives – Newsletter to Club members 16th November 1946

Published 14th April 1946

The Club has recently been given some very interesting memorabilia from the family of the late J H Baker, a member in the years after WWII. Included is a Club newsletter to members as the Club returns to peace time activities – see below.

Club newsletter in post WWII times

Also included were a superbly handwritten invoice for membership, and also a receipt, duly stamped with Victorian Stamp Duty. You have easy these days Duncan!


Awards Night – Sat 28th April 6.30pm

Published 14 April 2018

Rather than wait until the Annual Meeting in the second half of the year, your Committee has brought forward to the conclusion of the season. The Cooper Trophy for the best club member will still be presented at the AGM.


The Presentation Night will be held on Saturday 28 April 2018, commencing at 6.30pm.


The Club congratulates the following members on their awards which will be presented on the night:


Captain’s Trophy for the rower/s with the highest number of wins in the season – one point per win with an additional point for a Championship win: Amanda Bateman & Georgie Gleeson


Max Bailey Trophy is awarded to most successful coxswain of the year calculated in the same manner as the Captain’s Trophy: Adelaide Cester


N.W. Cairnes Trophy for the improved coxswain of the year. Norman Cairnes was a giant of the Club and a very successful coach and perhaps an even better administrator. This year the award is won by Adelaide Cester


H.R. Frederico Trophy for the most improved oarswomen of the season. Hubert Frederico, or as everyone knew him “Freddy”, was an excellent rower, coach and administrator, who led the sport in so many ways. One of his many lasting legacies to the sport is the renaming of Jeffries Parade to Boathouse Drive. This year the award has been won by Ria Thompson


Late F.R. Browne Trophy for the most improved oarsman of the season: Joel Cain


Jeff Wylie Memorial Trophy for the most improved lightweight rower of the year. Jeff Wylie was a lightweight rower at the time of his untimely death on his way down to rowing in a motor vehicle accident. He was a much loved member and also Captain of the Club at the time of his death. This year the trophy is awarded to Michael McNamara


Keith Bilney Coaches Trophy for the coach who does the most to teach rowers how to row, win races and achieve their potential, and in so doing, develop the foundations of the Club and maintain the attitudes of sportsmanship, dedication and loyalty. Keith gave over 70 years of his life to the sport as a coxswain, sculler, oarsman, administrator but most of all as a coach. He gave of his time freely, instilling in his charges a love of the sport, a burning desire to win but with a balanced approach to life. The award this year goes to Brigette Carlile


Congratulations to these members.


More bridge works – this time Princes Bridge

Published 8th April 2018

The northern span of Princes Bridge on the Yarra River, the navigation and movement of vessel is prohibited in the waters of the Yarra River. The Prohibited areas extend 40 meters upstream and downstream from Princes Bridge northern span and will be marked by lit yellow communication buoys.

The exclusion zone has effect from 7.00am on 9 April 2018 to 5.00pm 20 May 2018.


ANZAC  Service and President’s Luncheon

Published 1st April 2018


Members and guests are invited to attend the annual ANZAC Service combined with a President’s Luncheon on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at the Clubhouse.


Luncheon is $35 with drinks at bar prices. RSVP Tuesday 17th April 2018.


Booking can be made through


Each year those members who did not return from service are remembered and their names read out to again echo around the Clubhouse. One member is recalled in detail and his deeds remembered by those present.


Mercantile members in Australian senior team

Published 1st April 2018

Congratulations to the following members of the senior team.

Men’s Eight

  • Liam Donald
  • Angus Widdicombe

Women’s Eight

  • Katrina Werry
  • Addy Dunkley Smith


These two crews will race at Henley Royal Regatta this year as well as World Cups.


2018 Underage and Para Selection Trials Invitation List

Published 1st April 2018

Congratulations to those members invited to the underage selection trials:

Under 21 Sweep

  • Kirstie Green
  • Skyla Froebel

Under 23 Sculling

  • Ria Thompson
  • Amanda Bateman

Under 23 Sweep

  • Alexander Clarke
  • Benjamin Canham

Under 23 coxswain

  • James Rook

Go Mercs


Member Profiles

Republished 1st April 2018

Each month more profiles are added.

We wish to record profiles of all current and past members so please submit others to Subject to editorial review, they will be published with the author’s name and date. The latest profile added is that of Roger Wilson, the voice of rowing.



Tuesday night masters ergo night

Republished 1st April 2018


With the masters now doing ergos on Tuesday nights, the gym is getting crowded after 6pm. Every ergo was used on 1st August and there was not even a need for an ambulance.


Tuesday night is ergo night


Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 1st February 2018

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

Past news can be found through this link.