Simon Newcomb OAM


This has been a difficult member profile to write given the vast amount of material to digest and present.

Simon is an enthusiast with boundless energy and so has achieved so much. Even the old pictures from 1960s below exude this energy and passion. He is always the one doing and achieving.

His response to questions is “my second name is lucky” He claims to have always met the right people who have offered their help and advice, have gone out of their way to assist his visions and dreams. He brings into every part of our conversation, how lucky he is, even how lucky he was to do National Service. This man makes the best of his situation. Also, like so many of us, he loves the sport of rowing.

Simon commenced rowing at Melbourne Grammar where he rowed in the four seat of the second eight in his final year of school in 1955. After school he joined Old Melbournians’ Athletics Club. He was not a great athlete and kept on losing points for the Club so someone suggested he join a rowing club. He was very fortunately introduced to 1956 Bronze Medallist Garth Manton at Mercs who asked him down to the Club. Despite arriving in a suit, Graeme MCCall soon how gear for him and coach Norm Cairnes adopted him immediately into a crew. “How lucky I was, as this was the start of what turned out to be a very successful rowing career as an oarsman and rowing administrator.”

National Service – I had the best time of my life.

 After National Service he was very quickly selected into the Club’s Junior Eight and not long after became a senior oarsman for Mercantile. He became Vice Captain of this great Club in 1961/62 and Captain in  1962/63 and 1963/64. He was selected to represent Victoria in two successful Kings Cup crews in 1961 and 1962 both times victorious.