Percy C Ivens

Above: 1901 Champion Four – Percy in bow seat


Percival (Percy) C M Ivens was one of Victoria’s most prominent oarsmen and scullers as well as a sound administrator at the Club. He died on 15th September 1947 in Taree NSW where had lived for his last 33 years.



Above: Percy in his rowing days


His record as an oarsman follows:

  • 1897 Maiden double sculls – Anniversary Regatta, Sydney
  • 1897-98 Maiden Sculls – Nagambie
  • 1899-1900 Senior Four – Upper Yarra, Senior Four – VRA. Junior Sculls – Upper Yarra, Senior Four – Ballarat
  • 1900-01 Champion Four, Senior Four and Pair – VRA, Senior Eights – Upper Yarra and Ballarat, Champion Pair, Champion Eight, Interstate Eight
  • 1901-02 Champion Scull, Champion Four, Senior Four – VRA, Senior Pair – Upper Yarra, Interstate Eight
  • 1902-03 Champion Scull, Senior Pair – VRA
  • 1903-04Champion Scull, Senior Pair – Footscray
  • 1904-05 Champion Scull
  • 1905-06 Champion Scull, Yarra Scull – Henley, Senior Scull – Ballarat, Interstate Scull
  • 1906-07 Champion Scull, Champion Four, Senior Pairs – Upper Yarra and Ballarat, Interstate Sculls
  • 1907-08 Champion Sculls, Grand Challenge Cup – Henley, Senior Eight – Barwon, Champion Eight
  • 1908-09 Grand Challenge Eight – Henley,
  • 1909-10 Champion Sculls, Yarra Challenge Sculls – Henley, Senior Sculls – VRA


Above: Percy as Interstate Sculling Champion in 1907

1902-10 – Treasurer of the Club

The 1947-48 annual report noted:

It is with the deepest of regret that we record the passing of one of our Life Members, Mr P C Ivens, at the age of 78 years. In the list of great oarsmen produced in this State, Mr Ivens will for all time possess an honoured place. His list of successes in this sport is truly remarkable.  ….. As well as his rowing ability, Mr Ivens rendered sterling service to the Club in his capacity as Honorary Treasurer.  …. Victorian rowing is the poorer for his passing.

The following articles appeared in the Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales (Taree, NSW : 1898 – 1954), Saturday 20 September 1947, page 4.



The late Mr. Percy Charles Ivens, of High St., Taree, whose death was reported in last Wednesday’s issue of the ‘Times,’ was one of the most versatile oarsmen Australia has ever had. Mr. Ivens was a champion in the early days of this century, and was one of the very few who have won State titles in sculls, pairs, fours and eights. He had four Australian title wins and 14 Victorian successes to his credit.

His most notable achievement was his success in the Victorian State champion sculls from the 1901-2 season to 1907-8, and he won this title again in the 1909-10 season. The late Mr. Ivens, a fortnight before his death, returned to Taree from a holiday in Melbourne, and the ‘Melbourne Sun’ in its issue of July 30, had the following: ‘P. C.’ Ivens, whose records in Australian and Victorian sculling championships between 1901 and 1910 remain unsurpassed, was afloat on the Yarra again during the week-end. Many years from the sport may have sapped his strength, but he still shows the style of a master. On the Henley course in choppy conditions, he ‘skimmed the dish’ with greater ease than the majority of scullers seen in recent years.’ When in his prime as a sculler, the ‘Sydney Bulletin’ referred to Mr. Ivens as a wonder and a phenomenon, and the boss sculler of Victoria. Mr. Ivens for eight years was hon. treasurer of the Mercantile Rowing Club, Melbourne. His remarkable record as an oarsman is as follows:

1907 — Maiden Double Sculls, Anniversary Regatta, Sydney.

1897-8 — Maiden Sculls, Nagamble.

1899-1900 — Senior Four, Upper Yarra; Senior Four, V.R.A.; Junior Sculls, Upper Yarra; Senior Pair, Ballarat.

1900-1 — Champion Four, Melbourne; Senior Four and Pair, VRA; Senior Eights, Upper Yarra and Ballarat; Champion Pair, Ballarat; Champion Eight, Melbourne; Inter-state Eight, Sydney.

1901-2 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne; Champion Four, Melbourne; Senior Four, V.R.A.; Senior Pair, Upper Yarra; Interstate Eight, Adelaide.

1902-3 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne; Senior Pair, V.R.A.

1903-4 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne; Senior Pair, Footscray.

1904-5 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne.

1905-6 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne; Yarra Sculls, Henley: Senior Sculls, Ballarat; Interstate Sculls, Perth.

1906-7 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne; . Champion Four, Melbourne; Senior Pairs, Upper Yarra and Ballarat; Interstate Sculls, Adelaide.

1907-8 — Champion Sculls, Melbourne; Grand Challenge Eight, Henley; Senior Eight, Barwon; Champion Eight, Melbourne.

1908-9— Grand Challenge Eight, Henley.

1909-10— Champion Sculls, Melbourne; Yarra Challenge Sculls, Henley; Senior Sculls, V.R.A.

Grand. total — Won 41 races, comprising 9 Eights, 7 Fours, 8 Pairs, and 17 Sculls. Mr. Ivens did not start for Champion Sculls in 1908-9, but won again in 1909-10 beating winner of previous season, thus making his eight consecutive win.


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