Julie Orr

Above: Julie in centre as a breakfast Mum on a 2015 Saturday morning

Julie first came to Mercantile in 2010 when her daughter Annabelle joined the Club. Julie describes her arrival a “package with her daughter”.


As soon as she heard about the Saturday Morning Breakfasts in 2011, she was down and was hooked. Julie just loves the busy activity and great atmosphere of the Saturday mornings, “it is a great feel”. She has been a breakfast Mum since that time and clocked up 5 years. Julie enjoys meeting that other Mums from both Mercs and St Catherines and enjoys making the newbies feel welcomed and part of the team.


She has hosted rowers at the Orr family, the first being Alex Hagen for some 18 months and more recently Chloe Deyermond from Northern Ireland.



Above: Team BBQ at Henley 2015, Julie seated far right

Why rowing? Camaraderie, friendships created, meeting diverse and interesting people, providing a good reason to go to places like Henley Royal Regatta to Annabelle row.


Mercs? Obviously because my daughter joined here. However more importantly, it is a club that is not purely for young athletes and you don’t feel excluded because you are older or have not rowed.


Most memorable times at the Club? Watching 2012 Olympic Games at the Club and attending Henley Royal Regatta in 2014 and 2015 when Mercantile competed.


Andrew Guerin March 2016


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