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Above – Mercs youth eight dominate at State Championships


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News covered below:

  • More winning photos from the Nationals
  • Nationals finals medallists on Thursday
  • Mercs members in Victorian crews
  • Josh Dunkley Smith retires
  • Josh Dunkley Smith is new World Champion
  • Nationals entries
  • Senior Selection Trial nominees
  • Moomba Closures
  • State Championships Results
  • Older Mercs Members gather for lunch
  • State Championships Entries
  • Member Profiles
  • Thursday Night Social Hour

More winning photos from the Nationals

Published 23rd March 2018

Above: Joel and Mitch


Above: Joel Cain and Mitch Hooper on the podium taking bronze


Above: Under 21 Four cross the line first


Above: Under 21 Four take home gold


Above: Happy Mercantilians after the girls win

Above: Ria Thompson and Amanda Bateman take gold in the Under 23 double

Above: Celebrating a win


Above: Ria and Amanda on the podium


Above: Men’s Under 23 finish fourth


Above Women’s Open Four finish well to medal


Above: Women’s Four on podium


Men’s Four with Mercs members taking Gold


Men’s Four full Mercs crew takes bronze


Mercs members celebrate their podium performances


Smile Patrick, you won


Above: Our Meaghan Hester and Teneille Lineham from Corio finished fifth in the lightweight double


Above: Will Legge finished third in the men’s lightweight double with Hugo Berry from Banks


Above: The Mercs composite crew finished with a silver in the lightweight eights


After the race


Above: Podium for the lightweight eights


Nationals finals

Published 22nd March 2018

The first of the finals took place today with some great results. Some of them follow.]

Bronze and Silver in the men’s lightweight scull to Michael McNamara and Jayden Grey


Jess Morrison takes Bronze in the Women’s Pair


And again


Ben Canham and Alex Clarke take bronze in the under 23 pair


Amanda Bateman and Ria Thompson, silver and gold in under 23 scull


Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson gold and Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel bronze in under 21 pair



Mercs Members in Victorian crews

Published 22nd March 2018

Congratulations to the many Mercs members in the Victorian crews, including one complete Mercs crew.

Go Mercs and Go Victoria

The Kings Cup

  • Josh Booth
  • Josh Dunkley-Smith (Mercs)
  • Ben Coombs
  • Liam Donald (Mercs)
  • Thomas Hunt (Mercs)
  • Simon Keenan
  • Tim Masters
  • Angus Widdicombe (Mercs)

Cox – James Rook (Mercs)

Coach – Christian Ryan

The Queens Cup

  • Alice Arch
  • Amanda Bateman (Mercs)
  • Addy Dunkley-Smith (Mercs)
  • Sarah Hawe
  • Georgie Howe
  • Katherine Michelmore
  • Jess Morrison (Mercs)
  • Rosy Popa
  • Lucy Stephan
  • Katrina Werry (Mercs)

Cox – Sarah Ben-David

Coach – Simon Gadsden (Mercs)

The Presidents Cup

  • Sam Hookway

Coach: Tim McLaren

The Nell Slater Trophy

  • Katie Michelmore

Coach – Franz Imfeld

The Penrith Cup

  • Jayden Grey (Mercs)
  • Will Legge (Mercs)
  • Michael McNamara (Mercs)
  • Carl Tomczak (Mercs)

Coach – Nick Mitchell (soon to be Mercs)

The Victoria Cup

  • Alice Arch
  • Meagan Hester (Mercs)
  • Teneille Linehan
  • Alice McNamara

Coach – David Ochert


 The Wilkinson Cup

  • Joel Cain (Mercs)
  • Ned Coleman
  • James Heath
  • Mitch Hooper (Mercs)
  • Nick Lavery
  • Angus Longden
  • Joe O’Connell
  • Tom Page

Cox – Lachlan Goller

Coaches – Franz Imfeld

The Bicentennial Trophy

  • Michaella Ballas (Mercs)
  • Sophie Balson (Mercs)
  • Skyla Froebel (Mercs)
  • Georgie Gleeson (Mercs)
  • Kirsti Green (Mercs)
  • Georgia Lenton-Williams
  • Mila Marston
  • Charlotte Wirtz

Cox –Adelaide Cester (Mercs)

Coach – Brigette Carlile (Mercs)

Mens PR3 Single

Aaron Skinner

Coach – Tom Bertrand

Womens PR3 single

Kate Lapthorne

Coach – Andrew O’Brien


Josh Dunkley Smith retires

Published 13th March 2018

Sadly Josh Dunkley Smith retired today from international rowing.  Josh will still race for Mercs at the National Championships and for Victoria in the King’s Cup. As various Mercs members have noted, JDS has earned the right to step back and look after the next stage of his life. …. A great role model to young rowers and an inspiration to the rowing community. …. One of the gentlest humans you’ll ever meet. … Huge respect.  


We all hope that he may be able to return to the international stage in the future.


Josh, you are a great and much loved Mercantilian.


Above: Josh at Rio in 2016 after taking silver


The following statement was issued today by Josh and Rowing Australia.

Two-time Olympic silver medallist, Joshua Dunkley-Smith, has today announced that he will be no longer pursuing selection for the Australian Rowing Team for 2018 and will be leaving the Reinhold Batschi Men’s National Training Centre to focus on his career and personal life. Dunkley-Smith, who made his senior team debut for Australia in 2009, has released the following statement:


“It is something that I have been considering for a while, as I’ve gotten older things have become more important to me, one of those things is spending time with family and spending time with my partner Candice. We have many plans together for our future and I want us to spend time together and enjoy being a couple in our twenties before our future continues and things change again.


“As I have gotten older, other concerns grow and other aspects of life have to be considered alongside rowing. I know what is required to perform at the level I want to perform at, and achieve what I want to achieve, and I don’t know if I would be capable of that level of commitment if ultimately my heart is in other places.


“I know what is required to deliver for my crew mates, and I am now hesitant to put myself in a boat, when I know I may not be able to uphold my responsibilities, because my head and heart is focused elsewhere.


“On a personal level, it has been challenging for me to be centralised in Canberra, but I think the environment itself is a good one. Spending time there, with the guys, I see that the group is really on the right track and they are set up to have some really good results, with or without me. Moving interstate has maybe made my feelings more acute, but rowing is a sport that regardless of where you train, takes you away for great periods of time.


“I’ve been thinking about stepping away for a while, both last year and this year. Rowing is a sport that take you away from your friends and family, but that is the nature of elite sport and that can’t be changed – it’s not just about going interstate but also about going overseas for long periods of time to pursue your goals.


“I am incredibly grateful for the support I have had as I have made this decision. I have obviously been talking a lot to Candice and my mum (Addy Bucek), both experienced athletes, and with Drew Ginn (three-time Olympic rowing gold medallist, and member of Dunkley-Smith’s silver medal-winning Men’s Four in 2012).


“I am very lucky to have so many people to turn to for advice, and also a lot of people who over the years have coached me and been there for me as a friend, including the likes of Bill Tait, who has been very supportive as I made this decision. In making this decision, I have realised how much people care for myself as an athlete and as a person. It is important when in such a high-pressure environment, that you have friendships that are more than just a sporting relationship.


“I am also extremely grateful for the support that’s been offered to me by Rowing Australia in this time as I’ve made this decision to take this time away from the sport. I am unsure, at the moment, if I am going to retire, that is a big decision to make. Everyone has been encouraging and made it clear that I am always welcome if I do feel that I have made the wrong decision. I believe it’s now about stepping back and refocusing before making such a big decision.”


Dunkley-Smith won Olympic silver medals at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the Men’s Four and also has five Senior World Rowing Championship medals to his name.


On Saturday 10 March 2018, Dunkley-Smith, (subject to verification from Concept2) broke the World Record for 2000m on an indoor rowing machine by setting a time of 5 minutes 35.5 seconds. The 28-year-old’s feat saw him post a time that bettered New Zealand’s Rob Waddell’s 19-year-old record for the 19-29 age category, and Waddell’s 10-year-old record for the 30-39 age category.


“It was probably something that I have been working towards for a quite a while. It is one of those things that has always been there but never a main stated goal, as it’s always more about the racing on the water. However, seeing how long the records had stood for, and having the opportunity to go for it, I was glad I was able to do that before I take some time away,” admitted Dunkley-Smith.


Rowing Australia Performance Director, Bernard Savage said, “We have seen this week the calibre of athlete that Josh is. It is clear that Josh has spent time considering this decision, so while we are obviously disappointed to see Josh step away from the sport, we respect his decision and will do all we can to assist him as he focuses more on life outside the boat.


“He is a superb athlete and has contributed greatly to the Australian Rowing Team over the last 11 years. The combination of both raw athletic ability and experience has made him a wonderful addition to the Reinhold Batschi Men’s National Training Centre this season. He has clearly made an impact on the group in his short time at the NTC. He will definitely be missed but I know the athletes, coaches and staff wish him all the best and genuinely want to see him happy.


“We will continue to engage with Josh and remain in close contact. I have made it very clear that should he wish to return to the sport, we will support and assist him accordingly when the time comes.”


Above: Josh at 1992 Olympic Games with his mother Addy, an Olympic sailor

Above: Josh at 2016 Olympic Games with his mother Addy, an Olympic sailor



Josh Dunkley Smith is new World Champion

Published 10th March 2018

Today at the senior selection trials. JDS hit a new world record and this is what it looks like – under 1:24.0 per 500m. Your correspondent has difficulty getting to 1:23.9.


Great work Josh. We are proud of you and your achievement.

Above: The superb piece of work


Nationals Entries

Published 10th March 2018

Another huge entry from Mercantile.

OW1x Mercantile Madeleine Thomas
OW1x Mercantile Fiona Albert
OW1x Mercantile Georgia Stewart
OW2x Mercantile Georgia Stewart, Olivia Sibillin
OW2x Huon/Mercantile Eleni Kalimnios, Madeleine Thomas
OW4x Mercantile Fiona Albert, Madeleine Thomas, Amanda Bateman, Ria Thompson
OW2- Mercantile Addy Dunkley-Smith, Katrina Werry
OW4- Mercantile Composite Eleni Kalimnios, Georgia Stewart, Olivia Sibillin, Madeleine Thomas
OW4- Mercantile Gemma Sibillin, Georgia Stewart, Olivia Sibillin, Madeleine Thomas
OW8+ Mercantile Fiona Albert, Olivia Sibillin, Sophie Balson, Madeleine Thomas, Amanda Bateman, Jessica Morrison, Addy Dunkley-Smith, Katrina Werry, Adelaide Cester(c)
OM1x Mercantile Patrick Boomer
OM1x Mercantile Alexander Kinsella
OM2X Mercantile/Banks Alexander Kinsella, Angus Thornton
OM2- Mercantile Liam Donald, Angus Widdicombe
OM2- Mercantile Callum Nott, Tom Hunt
OM4- Mercantile Callum Nott, Tom Hunt, Angus Widdicombe, Liam Donald
OM4- Melbourne University Composite Patrick Boomer, Simon Keenan, Josh Dunkley-Smith, Joshua Booth
OLW1x Mercantile Meghan Hester
OLW4x Mercantile Composite Phoebe Wolf, Ciara Ward, Teneille Linehan, Meghan Hester
OLM1x Mercantile Redmond Matthews
OLM1x Mercantile Michael McNamara
OLM1x Mercantile Jayden Grey
OLM1x Mercantile William Legge
OLM1x Mercantile Carl Tomczak
OLM2x Mercantile Jayden Grey, Michael McNamara
OLM4x Mercantile Carl Tomczak, Redmond Matthews, Jayden Grey, Michael McNamara
OLM4- Mercantile Carl Tomczak, Michael McNamara, Jayden Grey, William Legge
OLM8+ Mercantile Composite Hugo Berry, Carl Tomczak, Oscar McGuinness, Jack Kelly, Michael McNamara, Redmond Matthews, Jayden Grey, William Legge, James Rook(c)
U23W1x Mercantile Amanda Bateman
U23W1x Mercantile Ria Thompson
U23W1x Mercantile Gemma Sibillin
U23W1x Mercantile Kate Duggan
U23W2x Mercantile Amanda Bateman, Ria Thompson
U23W4x Mercantile Composite Siena Zamin, Annabelle McIntyre, Amanda Bateman, Ria Thompson
U23W8+ Mercantile Phoebe Wolf, Michaella Ballas, India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits, Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel, Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson, Adelaide Cester(c)
U23M1x Mercantile James Hoban
U23M1x Mercantile Alexander Wolf
U23M2x Mercantile Alexander Wolf, James Hoban
U23M4x Mercantile Mitchell Hooper, Joel Cain, Alexander Wolf, James Hoban
U23M2- Mercantile Alexander Clarke, Benjamin Canham
U23M2- Banks/Mercantile Jack Wheeler, Angus Maloney
U23M4- Mercantile Composite Jack Wheeler, Benjamin Canham, Alexander Clarke, Angus Maloney
U23LW2x Banks/Mercantile Ciara Ward, Phoebe Wolf
U21W1x Mercantile Michaella Ballas
U21W2x Mercantile Michaella Ballas, Ellie Tomanovits
U21W2- Mercantile Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson
U21W2- Mercantile Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel
U21W2- Mercantile India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits
U21W4+ Mercantile Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel, Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson, Adelaide Cester(c)
U21M1x Mercantile Joel Cain
U21M1x Mercantile Mitchell Hooper
U21M2x Mercantile Mitchell Hooper, Joel Cain
U21LW1x Mercantile Phoebe Wolf

Senior selection trial nominees

Published 10th March 2018


The senior selection trials are underway and Mercantile members are involved.

Open Women

Amanda Bateman

Addy Dunkley Smith

Katrina Werry

Jess Morrison

Open Men

Liam Donald

Josh Dunkley Smith

Angus Widdicombe

Lightweight Men

Michael McNamara


James Rook


Sadly Red Matthews has been injured and is not at the National Training Centre.


Moomba Closures

Updated 5th March 2018


Yes it is that time again, Gloomba has arrived. Full details of closures can be found at:

In summary, Monday and Tuesday this week, the river closes from 9.00am to 4.30pm.


From Wednesday 7th March to Monday 12th it is effectively closed upstream.


Vehicle access:

Tuesday 6 March –  12pm Friday 9 March 2018.

  • Soft road closure in place.
  • Vehicle access will be granted to Rowing Club Members to drop-off and pick-up athletes.
  • Limited parking available on North (river) side of Boathouse Drive – Standard fees apply.


12pm Friday 9 March – Monday 12 March 2018.

  • Full road closure in place.
  • No vehicle access.
  • No parking.


Tuesday 13 March –  Friday 16 March 2017.

  • Unrestricted vehicle access.
  • Parking available on North (river) side of Boathouse Drive – Standard fees apply.


State Championships Results

Published 4th March 2018


Some great wins on the weekend from many of our crews. With the nature of the national training centre program, the State Championships relied heavily upon our under 21 and under 23 rowers to take the lead.

Above: our dominating women’s youth eight

Above: On the podium with the President

Above: Men’s Open Eight winners

Above: Keep an eye out for Meghan Hester at the Nationals in the lightweight sculling. Celebrating her lightweight double win above

Above: Jayden Grey continues his good work in the lightweight scull

Above Pat McNamara congratulates Michael McNamara on his win

Above: Our Lightweight scullers show off their trophies

Above: Michael and Jayden battle the difficult conditions off the start in the double

Above: Looks pretty easy at the other end

Above: Our girls also had a good day in the sculling boats. The smiles say it all

Above: Our open women scullers

Men’s Pair winner Callum and Tom

Under 23 winners Benjamin Canham and Alexander Clarke

Above: Mercs takes out gold, silver and bronze in the B single on Sunday

Above: Silver in the Women’s B Pair

Above: Silver in Men’s B Pair


Older Mercantile Members Gather for Luncheon

Published 1st March 2018


A group of distinguished members gathered for lunch at the Sandringham Club recently for luncheon to discuss memories that probably should be forgotten. It was great to see Martin Owen in fine form.


Above: The happy throng at 3pm. From the left, Jim Adams, Steve Mollard, Ian Duthie, Jeff Lawrence, Mark Connolly, John Harry, Martin Owen, Andrew Briggs, Phil Ainsworth, Ken Marshall, Terry Phillips, David Bowen, Joe Joyce, Vicky Connolly, David Pincus, David Palfreyman

Good sense prevailed and no pictures of the end of the luncheon at 7.30pm were taken.


State Championships Entries

Published 1st March 2018

Another huge entry from the Club.

Event Crew Athletes
MO2- Mercantile Callum Nott,Tom Hunt
MU232- Mercantile Alexander Clarke,Benjamin Canham
MU232- Banks/Mercantile Jack Wheeler,Angus Maloney
MLW1X Mercantile Michael McNamara
MLW1X Mercantile Jayden Grey
MLW1X Mercantile Carl Tomczak
MLW1X Mercantile William Legge
MLW1X Mercantile Redmond Matthews
MO1X Mercantile Patrick Boomer
MO1X Mercantile Alexander Kinsella
MU231X Mercantile James Hoban
MU231X Mercantile Alexander Wolf
MU211X Mercantile Joel Cain
MU211X Mercantile Mitchell Hooper
MU211X Mercantile Max Parker
FU212- Mercantile Sophie Balson,Georgie Gleeson
FU212- Mercantile Kirsten Green,Skyla Froebel
FU212- Mercantile India Mattocks,Ellie Tomanovits
FO1X Mercantile Ria Thompson
FO1X Mercantile Olivia Sibillin
FO1X Mercantile Madeleine Thomas
FO1X Mercantile Georgia Stewart
FO1X Mercantile Fiona Albert
FU231X Mercantile Amanda Bateman
FU231X Mercantile Kate Duggan
FU231X Mercantile Gemma Sibillin
FU211X Mercantile Michaella Ballas
FU211X Mercantile Phoebe Wolf
FU211X Mercantile Mimi Tuddenham
FLW1X Mercantile Meghan Hester
MU214+ Mercantile Isaac Sanderson,Max Parker,Joel Cain,Mitchell Hooper,Jamima Jamieson(c)
MO8+ Mercantile Redmond Matthews,Carl Tomczak,Angus Maloney,Patrick Boomer,Benjamin Canham,Alexander Clarke,Tom Hunt,Callum Nott,James Rook(c)
FO8+ Mercantile Meghan Hester,Kate Duggan,Georgia Stewart,Gemma Sibillin,Amanda Bateman,Fiona Albert,Olivia Sibillin,Madeleine Thomas,Adelaide Cester(c)
MO2X Mercantile Alexander Kinsella,James Hoban
MLW2X Mercantile Jayden Grey,Michael McNamara
MU212X Mercantile Joel Cain,Max Parker
FO2X Mercantile Amanda Bateman,Ria Thompson
FO2X Mercantile Fiona Albert,Madeleine Thomas
FO2X Mercantile Olivia Sibillin,Gemma Sibillin
FLW2X Mercantile/Corio Bay Meghan Hester,Teneille Linehan
FU218+ Mercantile Phoebe Wolf,Michaella Ballas,India Mattocks,Ellie Tomanovits,Kirsten Green,Skyla Froebel,Sophie Balson,Georgie Gleeson,Adelaide Cester(c)
MO4- Mercantile Redmond Matthews,Patrick Boomer,Tom Hunt,Callum Nott
MO4- Mercantile Composite Jack Wheeler,Benjamin Canham,Alexander Clarke,Angus Maloney
MLW4- Mercantile Carl Tomczak,Michael McNamara,Jayden Grey,William Legge
FO4X- Mercantile Fiona Albert,Madeleine Thomas,Amanda Bateman,Ria Thompson
MO4X- Mercantile David Crawshay,Patrick Boomer,Alexander Kinsella,James Hoban
FA2- Mercantile Ruby Lewis,Hannah Lewis
MA2X Mercantile Alexander Kinsella,James Hoban
MB1X Mercantile William Legge
MB1X Mercantile Carl Tomczak
MB1X Mercantile Alexander Wolf
MB1X Mercantile Joel Cain
MB1X Mercantile Mitchell Hooper
MB1X Mercantile Max Parker
FD2X Mercantile Ruby Lewis,Hannah Lewis
MA8+ Mercantile Alexander Kinsella,James Hoban,Alexander Wolf,Max Parker,Joel Cain,Mitchell Hooper,William Legge,Carl Tomczak,Jamima Jamieson(c)

Member Profiles

Published 1st February 2018

Each month more profiles are added. Did you read the story on the great George Xouris?

We wish to record profiles of all current and past members so please submit others to Subject to editorial review, they will be published with the author’s name and date.



Tuesday night masters ergo night

Republished 1st February 2018


With the masters now doing ergos on Tuesday nights, the gym is getting crowded after 6pm. Every ergo was used on 1st August and there was not even a need for an ambulance.


Tuesday night is ergo night


Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 1st February 2018

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

Past news can be found through this link.