March 2016 News

Above – Mercs women’s youth eight win at State Championships

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Our rowers have trained hard and are well prepared for the climax of the season, the National and Interstate Championships.  All will be revealed this month.

Sadly the month starts with the devastating news of the death of Sarah Tait – see below.

Under age selection trial list announced

Published 26th March 2016


Congratulations to club members Olivia Sibillin, Angus Widdicombe, Liam Donald, Callum Nott and Tom Hunt who have been invited to trial for places in the under age Australian teams. The trials will take place in Sydney from 6th to 10th April 2016.

Australian team update announced

Published 26th April 2016

The following Australian senior team updates have been announced with the men’s four and eight and women’s eight being settled.

Mercantile members are in the following boats:

Women’s Quad Scull – Jennifer Cleary

Men’s Four – Josh Dunkley-Smith

Women’s Eight – Fiona Albert, Charlotte Sutherland, Jessica Morrison, Sarah Banting

Women’s Pair – Katrina Bateman

James Wilson has been invited to trial for lightweight crews for the World Championships.

National Championships Wrap Up

Updated  26th March 2016

Another great regatta for Mercantile. The Club finished second on the medal tally behind Sydney rowing Club.

The Club Pointscore is awarded on the following basis on all Australian Open Rowing Championship events, with points being divided for composite crews:

 Boat  Gold  Silver  Bronze
 Eights  24 points 18 points 12 points
 Quads/Fours 16 points 12 points 8 points
Doubles/Pairs 12 points 9 points 6 points
Singles 8 points 6 points 4 points

The Champion Club Pointscore is as follows:

Place Club/School State Points
1st Sydney Rowing Club NSW 258
2nd Mercantile Rowing Club Vic 222
3rd Toowong Rowing Club QLD 177
4th Uni of QLD Boat Club QLD 155
5th Melbourne Uni Boat Club Vic 146
6th UTS Rowing Club NSW 136.5
7th Swan River Rowing Club WA 124
8th Sydney Uni Boat Club NSW 120.5
9th Mosman Rowing Club NSW 98.75
10th Uni of WA Rowing Club WA 55.75

The links below go through to Regatta Central where full results can be found. In summary, Mercantile members won medals in the following events:

Gold medals

103 – OW4x Open Women’s Quadruple Scull
104 – OW2- Open Women’s Coxless Pair
105 – OW4- Open Women’s Coxless Four
106 – OW8+ Open Women’s Coxed Eight
111 – OM4- Open Men’s Coxless Four
116 – OLM1x Open Lightweight Men’s Single Scull
117 – OLM2x Open Lightweight Men’s Double Scull
125 – U23W2- Under 23 Women’s Coxless Pair
127 – U23W8+ Under 23 Women’s Coxed Eight
131 – U23M2- Under 23 Men’s Coxless Pair
132 – U23M4- Under 23 Men’s Coxless Four
144 – U21W2- Under 21 Women’s Coxless Pair
145 – U21W4+ Under 21 Women’s Coxed Four
158 – U19W8+ Under 19 Women’s Coxed Eight

Some photos of these crews follow. It was pleasing to see the Club’s domination of women’s rowing and also men’s under 23 sweep rowing.


Above: Our winning open and under 23 eights.


Above: Champion Women’s Eight – Str: Charlotte Sutherland, 7: Sophie Sutherland, 6: Madeleine Cordner, 5: Hannah Lewis, 4: Jessica Morrison, 3: Addy Dunkley-Smith, 2: Katrina Werry, Bow: Fiona Albert, Cox: Sarah Banting, Coach: Simon Gadsden


Champion Under 23 eight – Str: India Lissa Dempsey, 7: Lea Duret, 6: Kirsten Green, 5: Maddison Brown, 4: Amanda Bateman, 3: Kate Duggan, 2: Georgia Stewart, Bow: Gemma Sibillin, Cox: Alexis Louise Hancock, Coaches: Simon Gadsden and Brigette Carlile


Above: Olivia Sibilin and Hedda Cooper from MUBC, under 23 pair champions


Above: Men’s under 23 pair champions – Angus Widdicombe and Liam Donald


Above: Under 21 Pair Champions – India Lissa Dempsey and Maddison Brown


Above: Open Pair Champions: Charlotte Sutherland with Lucy Stephan of MUBC


Above: Men’s Lightweight Scull Champion: James Wilson


Above: Men’s under 23 four – Liam Donald, Angus Widdicombe, callum Nott and Tom Hunt


Above: Women’s Under 21 Coxed Four: Cox: Alexis Louise Hancock, India Lissa Dempsey, Maddison Brown, Kirsten Green, Kate Duggan


Above: Women’s Open Four Champions: Sophie and Charlotte Sutherland and Fiona Albert


Above: Men’s Open Four Champions, winners of the Bob Aitken Memorial Trophy: Josh Dunkley-Smith with Spencer Turrin, Alex Lloyd and Josh Booth


Above: Men’s Lightweight Double Scull: James Wilson with Perry Ward of Swan River


Above: Women’s Under 19 Eight coxed by Alexis Louise Hancock

Silver medals

105 – OW4- Open Women’s Coxless Four
126 – U23W4- Under 23 Women’s Coxless Four
133 – U23M8+ Under 23 Men’s Coxed Eight
139 – U23LM2- Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Coxless Pair
142 – U21W2x Under 21 Women’s Double Scull
175 – CM2x Club Men’s Double Scull
309 – ISW8+ Interstate Women’s Eight


Above: Men’s Under 23 lightweight Pair: Will Legge and Carl Tomczak


Above: Women’s Under 21 Double Scull: Chloe Deyermond and Gemma Sibilin


Above: Women’s Under 23 Four: Olivia Sibillin (left hand side)


Above: Women’s Open Four: Addy Dunkley-Smith, Hannah Lewis, Madeleine Thomas and Adriana Marulli


Above: Under 23 Eight – Angus Maloney, Alex Kinsella, Alex Wolf, Callum Nott, Tom Hunt, Angus Widdicombe, Liam Donald, Hugo Laborde, Cox: James Rook


Above: Men’s Club Double Scull

Bronze medals

120 – OLM4- Open Lightweight Men’s Coxless Four
126 – U23W4- Under 23 Women’s Coxless Four
140 – U23LM4- Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Coxless Four


Above: Women’s Under 23 Four: Lea Duret, Amanda Bateman and Georgia Stewart with Edwina Flakemore of MUBC


Above: Men’s Under 23 Lightweight Four – Carl Tomczak, Will Legge, Jayden Grey with Hugo Berry of Banks


Above: Men’s Open Lightweight Four – Michael McNamara and Conor Grace with Price and McDonnell of Toowong

Interstate Championships Wrap Up

Updated 24th March 2016

As most members are aware, Victoria finished well at the Interstate Championships with wins in both the King’s and Queen’s Cups and also in the Nell Slatter Trophy and Victoria Cup. There were strong performances in other boats.

King’s Cup

Below: Start of the King’s Cup


1st Victoria 5:24.36
2nd New South Wales. 5:27.96 3.60
3rd South Australia 5:34.01 6.05
4th Queensland 5:34.66 0.65
5th Western Australia 5:35.25 0.59

A second in a row win from start to finish for Victoria despite a great race from NSW. The crew comprised:

Bow: Josh Hooper, 2: Samuel Hookway, 3: Benjamin Coombs, 4: Tim Masters, 5: William Lockwood, 6: Josh Dunkley-Smith, 7: Charles Risbey, Str: Joshua Booth, cox: David Webster, coach: Christian Ryan


Above: King’s Cup podium

Queen’s Cup

1st Victoria 6:07.90
2nd Queensland 6:10.30 2.40
3rd New South Wales 6:20.29 9.99
4th South Australia 6:25.51 5.22
5th Western Australia 6:37.58 12.07


Above: The winning King’s and Queen Cup crews from Victoria

This largely Mercantile crew won for the 12th time in succession. The crew was:

Bow: Addy Dunkley-Smith, 2: Jessica Morrison, 3: Madeleine Thomas, 4: Kimberley Brennan, 5: Sophie Sutherland, 6: Katrina Bateman, 7: Lucy Stephan, Str: Charlotte Sutherland,  Cox: Sarah Banting, coach: Simon Gadsden.

Below: Sarah takes a winning swim after the race.


 President’s Cup

 Below: The start of the President’s CupDSC08539

1st Western Australia – Rhys Grant 6:46.32
2nd Victoria – Karsten Forsterling 6:46.72 0.40
3rd South Australia – Chris Morgan 6:48.47 1.75
4th Aust Capital Territory – Luke Letcher 6:50.89 2.42
5th Tasmania – Max McQueeney 6:58.65 7.76
6th Queensland – Brett Morley 6:59.38 0.73
7th New South Wales – Alex Purnell 6:59.50 0.12

Nell Slatter Trophy

1st Victoria – Brennan, Kim 7:23.21
2nd Queensland – Kehoe, Sally 7:33.06  9.85
3rd Aust Capital Territory – Grzeskowiak, Cara 7:34.76  1.70
4th Western Australia – Hagan, Alexandra 7:48.05 13.29
5th New South Wales – Gala, Aisyah 7:59.00 10.95
6th Tasmania – Wilson, Ciona 8:01.87  2.87

Penrith Cup

1st Queensland 6:03.35
2nd Western Australia 6:06.60 3.25
3rd New South Wales 6:08.46 1.86
4th Victoria 6:08.93 0.47
5th Australian Capital Territory 6:14.52 5.59
6th Tasmania 6:17.93 3.41

This crew was stroked by club member James Wilson with club member Carl Tomczak in the bow.


Above: The lightweight four in the first 500m

Victoria Cup

1st Victoria 6:33.56
2nd Queensland 6:36.80 3.24
3rd Tasmania 6:45.02 8.22
4th New South Wales 6:52.98 7.96
5th Western Australia 6:55.78 2.80

There were no Mercantile members in this crew. The crew was comprised of:

Bow: Stephanie Radford, 2: Alice Arch, 3: Alice McNamara, Str: India McKenzie, Cch: Bert Cocu

Wilkinson Cup

1st New South Wales 5:40.05
2nd Queensland 5:43.85 3.80
3rd Western Australia 5:46.03 2.18
4th Victoria 5:57.11 11.08
5th South Australia 6:02.84 5.73
6th Tasmania 6:11.37 8.53

The New South Wales crew won from start top finish comfortably. The Victorian crew was a largely Mercantile crew of:

Bow: James Hoban, 2: Max Mezger, 3: Jack Lawrence, 4: Angus Maloney, 5: Alexander Clarke, 6: Alexander Wolf, 7: Lachlan May, Str: James McCann, Cox: James Rook, Cch: John Saunders

Bicentennial Cup

1st Queensland 6:20.40
2nd Victoria 6:24.89 4.49
3rd Western Australia 6:25.25 0.36
4th Tasmania 6:38.06 12.81
5th South Australia 6:38.17 0.11
6th New South Wales 6:38.61 0.44

Again a largely Mercantile crew of:

Bow: Gemma Sibillin, 2: Kirsten Green, 3: Kate Duggan, 4: Amanda Bateman, 5: Maddison Brown, 6: Chloe Betts, 7: Elise Franetic, Str: India Lissa Dempsey, Cox: Alexis Louise Hancock, Cch: Brigette Carlile


New Interstate Events

Two new Interstate Championships were added this year in the para rowing division.

Men’s Leg Trunk and Arms Single Scull

1st New South Wales – Kevin du Toit 3:42.95
2nd Western Australia – Brock Ingram 3:44.44 1.49
3rd Tasmania – Alistair Chong 3:55.38 10.94
4th Victoria – Aaron Skinner 4:05.28 9.90
5th Queensland – Cameron Kosmala 5:12.67 1:07.39
6th Aust Capital Territory – Ian Cooper 5:31.71 19.04

Women’s Leg Trunk and Arms Single Scull

1st New South Wales – Kathleen Murdoch 4:05.32
2nd Tasmania – Emma Jago 4:34.46 29.14
3rd Victoria – Kate Lapthorne 5:15.92 41.46

National Championships Results

Published noon 14th March 2016

The live results for the regatta can be found at:

To tempt you to have a look, Mercantile won three heats this morning. Max Mezger and  Lennart Schiesswohl won their heat of U21 pair, James Wilson and Michael McNamara won their heats in the open lightweight scull.

National Championships

Published 13th March 2016


The Club’s rowers and boats are now in Sydney preparing for the National Championships. Racing starts on Monday and progress reports will be published regularly. Team manager Jenny Fraumano has the accommodation and catering all in order.

Remember to attend the team dinner at Nepean Rowing Club on the balcony Friday 18th March 2016 7pm. All members, parents and friends of Mercantile are welcome.

Member Profiles

Published 13th March 2013

Olympians v3

The number of member profiles has now reached 100. The first 100 down the next 1,000 to go. We wish to record profiles of all current and past members so please submit others to Subject to editorial review, they will be published with the author’s name and date.

Scotch Mercantile Regatta – live streaming a great success

Published 13th March 2016

The Scotch Mercantile Regatta Committee headed by Stephen Webster proved that any regatta can undertake live high definition streaming of the regatta. The live high definition streaming of the regatta was a huge success as was the innovation of a big screen for onsite spectators. This combined with live results which are already in place, the rowing spectator is well served. Our congratulations to the regatta committee and thank you to the sponsors of the regatta.


Inside the production trailer at the regatta

The regatta committee is already planning for more next year and improving on the production. We thank them for taking regattas to the next level.

Sarah Tait Memorial Service

Updated 8th March 2016

Please note that there has been a change of venue for the Memorial Service.

The public Memorial Service for Sarah will now be conducted Thursday 10 March 2016 12:00 PM at the Olympic Room at the MCG. Follow this link for the Memorial Service details.

After the service, all are welcome to join with Bill and the Tait and Outhwaite families at Mercantile Rowing Club. Given Sarah’s significant association with Club, State and National rowing teams, rowing blazers will be worn by many attending.

See the story below on Sarah or go to member profiles for further details of her great life.

2012 OG 2 (45)

Above: Sarah and Leila at the 2012 Welcome Home Parade

Scotch Mercantile Regatta – Saturday 12th March

Published 8th March 2016

This is the last Regatta before the APS Head of the River Regatta (“HOTR”) and an important one as well. All the seniors must row here to be seeded in lanes for the HOTR the following weekend. This is also the Victorian State Championships for all the junior year 9 crews.

This Regatta is run by Mercantile Rowing Club and the Cardinal Club (Scotch College) and this year we are very excited to announce that all events will be ‘STREAMED LIVE’!!
LIVE FEED LINK – Just click on the link below on the day:

Slide 1

With Live Streaming, the profile of this event will be lifted to a new level with a far wider audience gaining access to watch the regatta. For the competitors, and their relatives and friends who will always prefer to attend the event in person, there will also be a large screen on site to give far better coverage of each race. In addition, the ability for a national and overseas audience to now be able to watch the event live will greatly enhance the standing and importance of this rowing regatta.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible up at Nagambie for this fantastic regatta – a highlight of the rowing calendar – and for relatives, friends, etc that cannot attend, please send them this live feed link so that they can watch the races on the internet.

Updated Events

Updated 8th March 2016

Please go to the Events tab for details on:

National Championships Club Dinner

Nepean Rowing Club on the balcony Friday 18th March 2016 7pm. All rowers, parents, supporters are welcome.


President’s Lunch

The ANZAC Service and President’s Luncheon will be held on Sunday 17th April at noon at the Clubhouse.

009 v2

Above: President: Malcolm Batten

Nationals Entries

Published 5th March 2016


The Club has another huge entry at the National Championships. My apologies for any errors in such a large list.

Women’s Scull

Adriana Marulli

Addy Dunkley-Smith

Women’s Double Scull

Jess Morrison and Molly Goodman (ADL)

Adriana Marulli and Madeleine Thomas

Women’s Quad Scull

Olympic Quad containing Jen Cleary

Women’s Pair

Charlotte Sutherland and Lucy Stephan (MUBC)

Lea Duret and Hannah Lewis

Women’s Four

Mercantile crew – line up to be advised

Mercantile/MUBC line up to be advised

Women’s Eight

Mercantile crew is the only entry

Men’s Scull

Daniel Brighthope

Men’s Quad Scull

Mercantile line up to be advised

Men’s Pair

Josh Dunkley-Smith and Josh Booth (MUBC)

Men’s Four

Olympic Four including Josh Dunkley Smith

Men’s Lightweight Scull

James Wilson

Conor Grace

Michael McNamara

Men’s Lightweight Double Scull

James Wilson and Jono Hookway

Men’s Lightweight Quad Scull

Conor Grace, Jayden Grey, Hugo Berry (Banks), Jack Kelly (Banks)

Men’s Lightweight Four

Conor Grace, Michael McNamara, Tim McDonnell (Toowong), Jack Price (Toowong)

Men’s Lightweight Eight

Conor Grace, Jayden Grey, Carl Tomczak, Will Legge, Will Day (Corio), Tim Day (Corio), James Wilson, TBA

Women’s Under 23 Scull

Amanda Bateman

Women’s Under 23 Pair

Olivia Sibilin and Hedda Cooper (MUBC)

Georgia Stewart and Edwina Flakemore (MUBC)

Women Under 23 Four

Lea Duret, Amanda Bateman, Edwina Flakemore, Georgia Stewart

Hedda Cooper (MUBC), Katherine Michelmore (MUBC), Claudia Zucchelli, Olivia Sibillin

Women’s Under 23 Eight

Cox: Alexis Louise Hancock, India Lissa Dempsey, Maddison Brown, Kirsten Green, Kate Duggan, Amanda Bateman, Gemma Sibillin, Georgia Stewart, Lea Duret

Men’s Under 23 Scull

Alex Kinsella

Men’s Under 23 Double Scull

Nicholas Stephenson (MUBC), Alexander Kinsella

Isaac Smith (MUBC), Hugo Laborde

Men’s Under 23 Pair

Liam Donald, Angus Widdicombe

Tom Hunt, Callum Nott

Alex Clarke, Alex Wolfe

Men’s Under 23 Four

Liam Donald, Angus Widdicombe, Tom Hunt, Callum Nott

Men’s Under 23 Eight

Angus Maloney, Alex Kinsella, Alex Wolf, Callum Nott, Tom Hunt, Angus Widdicombe, Liam Donald, Hugo Laborde, Cox: Sarah Banting

Women’s Under 23 Lightweight Scull

Meghan Hester

Women’s Under 23 Lightweight Double Scull

Faith Gasparini, Clare Ward

Women’s Under 23 Lightweight Quad Scull

Teneille Linehan-Downes (Barwon), Meghan Hester, Clare Ward, Faith Gasparini

Men’s Under 23 Lightweight Scull

Jayden Grey

Men’s Under 23 Lightweight Pair

Will Legge and Carl Tomczak

Men’s Under 23 Lightweight Four

Will Legge, Carl Tomczak, Hugo Berry (Banks), Jayden Grey

Women’s Under 21 Double Scull

Gemma Sibillin, Chloe Deyermond

Women’s Under 21 Pair

India Lissa Dempsey, Maddison Brown

Kirsten Green, Kate Duggan

Chloe Deyermond, Gemma Sibillin

Women’s Under 21 Four

Cox: Alexis Louise Hancock, India Lissa Dempsey, Maddison Brown, Kirsten Green, Kate Duggan

Men’s Under 21 Double Scull

James Hoban, Bronson Hooper

Men’s Under 21 Quad Scull

Lennart Schiesswohl, Max Mezger, James Hoban, Bronson Hooper

Men’s Under 21 Pair

Max Mezger, Lennart Schiesswohl

Angus Maloney, Jack Lawrence

Men’s Under 21 Four

Angus Maloney, Jack Lawrence, Alex Clarke, Alex Wolfe, Cox: James Rook

Women’s Under 21 Lightweight Scull

Clare Ward

Faith Gasparini

Women’s Club Double Scull

Adriana Marulli, Chloe Deyermond

Men’s Club Double Scull

Daniel Brighthope, Conor Grace

Victorian Team

Updated 6th March 2016

The following Victorian team has been announced by Rowing Victoria. Mercantile members are well represented in this team, particularly in in the under age crews.

Team Head Coach:

Bill Tait (VIS – Mercs)

Kings Cup

Josh Booth (MUBC), Will Lockwood (MUBC), Karsten Forsterling (MUBC), Josh Hooper (UTS), Josh Dunkley Smith (Mercs), Tim Masters (UTS), Charles Risbey (UTS), Sam Hookway (MUBC), Cox: David Webster (MUBC). Reserve: Angus Widdicombe (Mercs), Coach: Christian Ryan (MUBC)

Presidents Cup:

David Crawshay (Mercs), Coach: Bill Tait (VIS – Mercs)

Queens Cup:

Jennifer Cleary (Mercs), Jessica Morrison (Mercs), Lucy Stephan (MUBC), Charlotte Sutherland (Mercs), Sophie Sutherland (Mercs), Katrina Bateman (Mercs), Madeleine Thomas (Mercs), Addy Dunkley-Smith (Mercs), Cox: Sarah Banting (Mercs), Reserve: Kim Brennan (MUBC), Coach: Simon Gadsden (Mercs)

Nell Slatter Trophy:

Kim Brennan (MUBC), Coach: Lyall McCarthy (RA)

Wilkinson Cup

Alexander Wolf (Mercs), Max Mezger (Mercs), Angus Maloney (Mercs), James McCann (MUBC), Jack Lawrence (Mercs), Alexander Clarke (Mercs), Lachlan May (MUBC), James Hoban (Mercs), Cox: James Rook (Mercs), Reserves: Tom Sanders & Sam Stewart, Coach: John Saunders (Mercs)

Bicentenary Trophy 

Elise Franetic (MUBC), Maddison Brown (Mercs), Kate Olivia Duggan (Mercs), Gemma Sibillin (Mercs),  India Dempsey (Mercs), Amanda Bateman (Mercs), Chloe Betts (MUBC), Kirstie Green (Mercs), Cox:  Alexis Hancock (Mercs), Reserve: Jacqui Hart, Peta Saul, Coach: Brigette Carlile (Mercs)

Penrith Cup

James Wilson (Mercs), William Day (Corio), Timothy Day (Corio), Carl Tomczak (Mercs), Reserve: Hugo Berry (Banks), Coach: Jeff Watt (Corio)

Victoria Cup

Alice McNamara (MUBC), Stephanie Radford (MUBC), Alice Arch (MUBC), India McKenzie (MUBC), Reserve: Teneille Linehan-Downes, Coach: Bert Cocu (MUBC)

Adaptive races

WLTA1x – Kate Lapthorne, Coach – Andrew O’Brien

MLTA1x – Aaron Skinner (Nestles), Coach – Tom Bertrand (Nestles)

Sarah Tait

Published 3rd March 2016

Sarah Tait, one of the great Mercantile members has died. Sarah had been living with cancer since the birth of her second child Luca. Today she succumbed to this disease.

On behalf of the Tait and Outhwaite families, Bill Tait, Sarah’s husband and fellow club member, said: “The Tait and Outhwaite families are sad to inform of the peaceful passing of Sarah Tait after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer.

“Bill, Leila, Luca and the wider Tait and Outhwaite families continue to be grateful for the support and love that has been shared with Sarah and them through this difficult time. The families are enormously proud of the positive impact Sarah has made on so many throughout her life, and know she will be dearly missed.”


Above: Kate Hornsey and Sarah Tait at the Lucerne Regatta in 2012

Sarah in her quiet but determined manner brought great fame and change to the sport and to the Club. She was a leader in the sport and greatly respected by all for her selfless work. We quote Chris O’Brien who has stated: “She was a strong role model to many young athletes but was particularly influential with our emerging female athletes”.

She will always be part of the fabric of our Club.


Above: Sarah, Bill and Kate take time out from the Olympic Games to celebrate with older members Rosemary and Ron Richardson, Roger Wilson and Crockett.

Our best wishes and thoughts are with Bill, Leila, Luca and the wider Tait and Outhwaite families.

For those who do not know Sarah well, please see her member profile.


Above: Sarah in the stroke seat of her Olympic Pair in London

Past news can be found through this link.