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Above – Mercantile at Henley on Thames


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News covered below:

  • Henley Royal Regatta – Day 3
  • Henley Royal Regatta – Day 2
  • Henley Royal Regatta – Day 1
  • Day 2 – Holland Beker Regatta
  • Holland Beker Regatta – Saturday results
  • Vale Harry Mahoney
  • Fiona Albert in the news
  • Holland Beker Regatta commences
  • World Cup Results – Katrina takes Gold
  • Mercantile represented well in SC and MGS 150th year crews
  • World Cup 2 underway
  • Great cocktail party for our travelling athletes
  • Cover story in Row360 – Josh Dunkley Smith
  • Australian team arrives in Europe for World Cups
  • Mercs Fundraising Cocktail Party Saturday 10th June 2017
  • Team Tomanovits – Winners at the Trivia Night
  • More Mercs members to Australian team trials
  • Mercs members racing overseas
  • From the Archives
  • Expressions of interest called for Masters in Paradise
  • Advance notice – Arthur Atkins’ 100th birthday party Sun 6th August
  • 150th Head of the River Celebration Dinner
  • National teams 2017
  • New Mercs tie
  • Member Profiles


Henley Royal Regatta – Day 3

Published 30th June 2017

The day started with the Wyfold Challenge Cup where our crew came up against a very good crew in Sport Imperial Boat Club. They were not only good, but too good for our crew. This heat was the fastest of all the heats today by a material margin. We suspect that this crew will be the winning crew on Sunday. A disappointment for our crew but beaten by a better crew on the day.


Above: Coach David Pincus with Tony and Marcus Burke in the umpire launch


Above: The crews passing Temple Island

Above: Early in the race


Above: Also racing at Henley was Hugo Laborde in the stroke seat – our French connection


The Scotch College crew made it through to the next round in a tight finish.

Above: Scotch in the closing stages

Next up for Mercantile was the women’s four in which an international crew of rowers, all employed by EY, raced against a crew stroked by Addy Dunkley Smith. Alas Addy was defeated by this international crew which included Kim Brennan.


Above: Addy’s four


Josh Dunkley Smith had a better result finishing easily in the Silver Goblets


The final stages of the Joshs’ races


Finally Jen Cleary raced in the scull but alas without success. The lack of opportunity to race before this race was a telling factor.

Above: Jen Cleary

Above: Bill Tait and Andrew Cleary following Jen’s race in the umpires boat – umpire Matthew Pinsent

Above: Scenes from HRR

Above: Refugee lightweights from Holland Beker regatta – Legge and Grey

Above: Scenes from HRR



Henley Royal Regatta – Day 2

Published 30th June 2017


Our Wyfold Challenge Cup crew of Andrew Burke (bow),  Tom Hunt (2), Callum Nott (3) and Angus Maloney (str) and coached by David Pincus had a commanding victory in their second round. They got away well to have an all the way win. On day three they come up against Sport Imperial Boat Club.


Above: Our Wyfold crew watched by coach David Pincus and parents Martin and Kammy Hunt in the judges boat.

Above: Our crew in action on day 2


All of our crews will race on Friday.


Henley Royal Regatta – Day 1

Published 28th June 2017


Finally the regatta is underway with the Mercantile crew in the Wyfold Challenge Cup taking to the river. After a conservative start, they worked their way into the lead in the second half of the race and recorded a solid victory. The verdict was 1 1/4 lengths over Molesley Boat Club A crew. Time to the barrier 1:59, time to Fawley 3:21 and finished in 7:05.


Above: the closing stages – photo courtesy of


Tomorrow they  front up at 8.30am UK time to race the German crew Akademischer RV Westfale who defeated St Neots Rowing Club in their heat. This is the first race of the day.


Our other Mercantile crews start later in the regatta on Friday. These crews include Josh Dunkley Smith in the pair, Jen Cleary in the single and Addy Dunkley Smith in the four.


Above: The Enclosure.Yes there is some racing taking place in between the social activities of the regatta – Copyright HRR


Holland Beker Regatta – Day 2

Published 25th June 2017


Day 2 of the Holland Beker Regatta is underway. This article is being written as the results come in.


First up today was the men’s pair of Josh Dunkley Smith (Mercs) and Josh Booth (MUBC). They repeated the Saturday result with an all the way win from Nerus Rowing Club from The Netherlands and Ratzeburger Rowing Club from Germany. It was a comfortable win although the margins were not great.


Next up was the lightweight double of Jayden Grey (Mercs) and Hugo Berry (Banks) who finished last in a race which was won by UTS Haberfield of Sydney, Matthew Curtin and James Chuter.


The women’s four produced a better race than yesterday finishing third as obviously more combination comes to this crew after only a week together before departing Australia. They were still off the pace of the Danish and Czech crews which finished first and second and well ahead of the fourth placed Sydney crew with who they will join in an eight later in the day. Our crew was stroked by Addy Dunkley Smith.


As the results of the four foreshadowed, the girls were outclaseed in the eight.


In the last race of interest today, Will Legge took the keys and stroked the lightweight eight to a win in 5:50.73, just 0.16 seconds ahead of the second placed Laga crew in a photo finish. Jayden Grey was in the seven seat with Ed Manton of Banks in the six seat. The crew had only a reasonable start but raced a good middle thousand to take the lead. In the final stages of the race they had to fend off a strong finishing Laga crew to win in a photo finish. The crew comprised: cox: Charlotte Lawrence (Banks), Str: Will Legge (Mercs), 7: Jayden Grey (Mercs),  Ed Manton (Banks), Matthew Curtin (UTS), James Waldersee (UTS), Sam Bongiorno (Banks), James Chuter (UTS) and Hugo Berry (Banks).

Go Lighties. Go Mercs.


Holland Beker Regatta – Saturday results

Published 25th June 2017


The first day of the Holland Beker Regatta brought mixed results for our members.


Josh Dunkley Smith teamed up with Josh Booth in the pair and won comfortably. After a false start and a very shaky first 100m, they forged into the lead by 300metres and never looked back. They got a half second lead at the 500, extended that lead to 3.94 secs and clear water at the 1000, 6.33 second lead at 1500 and finished the race in a time 6:31.06. The conditions were tail.


Coach Bill Tait called the race as follows: Challenging and battling their way to a win today in the M2. In a year away from international representation, it’s great these guys have managed to get some time away to represent their wonderfully supportive clubs.

Some generous Club members have supported Josh Dunkley Smith and Jen Cleary.


Our lightweights were not so lucky being outclassed in their finals today. The lightweight quad scull of Jayden Grey, Will Legge, Ed Manton (Banks) and Sam Bongiorno (Banks) finished last in their final. Also our lightweight under 23 double of Will Legge and Ed Manton also finished last in their final.



Also the women’s four with our own Addy Dunkley Smith finish third and last in their final today. This crew got together a few days just before departure for Europe and hopefully will improve their combination for Henley Royal Regatta. The crew comprises Addy in the stroke seat, Meaghan Volker from Tasmania in the 3 seat, Kate Rowan from Queensland in the two seat and Kat Michelmore form MUBC in the bow seat. The crew raced in Mercs colours.


In other racing, Scotch College finished second in the junior eights beaten by the Dutch junior eight.



Vale Harry Mahoney

Published 24th June 2017


It is with deep regret that the Club advises members of the passing of one of our respected members, Harry Mahoney – 16 March 1923 – 18 June 2017.

Harry was born 1923 in humble circumstances, left school early and became a fitter and turner. He later specialised in the heat treatment of metal and understandably metallurgy was his passion.  He set up his own steel heat treatment company in 1955.

He met his wife June on a blind date at a dance.

Amongst his other interests he was very keen amateur builder and squash player. He built the Moorabbin Squash Centre and had a squash court at home.

Harry joined Mercantile 1946 at same time as Thrasher Richardson and raced in many post war crews. He loved his time at the Club and was a frequent visitor to the Club throughout his life. He was proud of his assistance of the Oarsome Foursome back in 1992 in their early stages of success.

A generous and thoughtful person who was a Mercs man to the core.



Fiona Albert in the news

Published 24th June 2017


Fiona Albert was in the news today in The Australian in an article about women in rowing and the expected opening of the soon to be opened Women’s Training Centre in Penrith.


Quoting from the article:

Rio Olympian Fiona Albert joined the NTC in January but was forced to drop out of this year’s national team in March, when an ongoing back injury was diagnosed as a herniated disc and required surgery. At 26, she is thrilled to see the change of attitude to women in
her sport. “I think the success of the women’s Olympic boats in London was the catalyst for the decision to look after the women better,’’ she said. “It’s still been a bit of an uphill battle in the last four years, but in the last 12 months there’s been a real change and now we are seeing the benefit.

When you commit to a women’s program you get a result.’’ Albert said there had been “teething issues’’ with setting up the program, but she is confident these will be addressed in the short term. “I think it’s going to be a good place to get the best out of yourself,’’ she said. “It’s been polarising. I am in the fortunate position of having just finished my law degree, so I can relocate my life, but that’s not possible for everyone. “It’s been a sudden change to the expectation that if you want to be on the national team you have to move to these places.’’ She’s hopeful that the women’s program will eventually include a women’s eight, which will create more opportunities for female rowers. “It’s a long game to become an Olympic rower and if we are telling girls it will be near-impossible to make it, we will lose them. But if it seems a more realistic possibility because there are seats in a pair, a
four and an eight, then so many more will keep going.’’ Despite the recent advances, Albert believes there is “still a fair way to go to gender equality’’. “There are entrenched beliefs, as there are in other sports,’’ she said. “Gender equality only comes when there is an equal allocation of resources and value and belief.’’



Above: Fiona Albert featured in The Australian today


Holland Beker Regatta starts today

Published 24th June 2017


The Holland Beker Regatta, held this weekend (24 and 25 June), prior to Henley, will see at least 15 Australian crews compete at the event held on the Bosbaan in Amsterdam. These crews include:

  • Our lightweight men who are combining Banks to race in several lightweight events.
  • A Women’s Four of Olympian Meaghan Volker, former U23 athlete Addy Dunkley-Smith and Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC athletes Kate Rowan and Katie Michelmore will be competing here ahead of Henley
  • The MUBC/Mercs Men’s Pair partnership of Rio Olympic silver medallists Josh Dunkley-Smith and Josh Booth.

We look forward to the results coming through.


Before the racing began, we received the following missive from Josh D-S:

I am a proud Mercantillian and very happy that I am able to travel, race, and represent my club to the world. It has already been a rewarding trip, we have met a lot of people and talked a lot about rowing and life in general. It is always fascinating to observe the different approaches to rowing around the world. We know new people to chat to around the boat park and maybe borrow a spanner from time to time over the coming years.

We have also had a few good rows over here. At first we were a little unsure about a new boat from a different manufacturer and moving from big blades to smoothies but we have settled in and made some good progress. We aren’t sure what the field will be like this weekend but Henley looks to be a good regatta.


World Cup Results – Katrina takes Gold

Published 19th June 2017


The Australian men’s and women’s four took Gold at World Cup II at Poznan Poland last night. The women’s four includes our own Katrina Werry.  Congratulations Katrina.


Above: the women’s four in their exhibition race – photo courtesy of Rowing Australia

Above: Women’s four podium – photo courtesy of Rowing Australia

It was a good regatta for the young Australian team.  Australia finished its first World Rowing Cup event of 2017 with a total of five medals including two golds from the Women’s and Men’s Fours. With eight young new crews competing in A-Finals today at the event in Poznan, Poland, Australia also won silver in the Women’s Quadruple Scull and bronze medals in the Women’s Pair and Women’s Double Scull.


The Club had two representatives in the men’s eight, James Rook and Gus Widdicombe. The Australians finished fourth in a race which saw the German crew finish in a world best time.


For full details and photos, please go to either the Rowing Australia or World Rowing websites.



Mercantile represented well in MGS and SC 150th year crews

Published 19th June 2017


Last Friday night, Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College celebrated the 150th running of the Head of the River with a dinner attended by over 400 people in the MCC Members Dining Room. The evening was organised by a Committee headed by Stephen Webster, a Mercs National Champion from the 1970s.


One of the highlights of the evening was the interviews by Ian Cover of David Crawshay, Drew Ginn and Roger Wilson. Another highlight was the interview of 1933 crew member Bill Morgan, who enjoyed the evening comparing notes with Arthur Atkins of years past.


The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the 150th year crews of both schools. The acclamation for David Boykett was outstanding.

The crews were as follows.

Melbourne Grammar School

Bow: Andrew Michelmore

2: Will Baillieu

3: David Crawshay (Mercs)

4: Andrew Withers (Mercs)

5: Hamish McGlashan

6: Ben Dodwell (Mercs)

7: Karsten Forsterling

Str: Lewis Luxton

Cox: David Webster

Cch: Walter Ricketts (Mercs)


Scotch College

Bow: Sam Patten (Mercs)

2: Charles Littlejohn

3: Will Lockwood

4: Cam McKenzie McHarg

5: Josh Booth

6: David Douglas (Mercs)

7: Drew Ginn (Mercs)

Str: David Boykett (Mercs)

Coxes: Martin Aitken (Mercs) and Michael Sim (Mercs)

Cchs: Alex Sloan (Mercs) and Tom Woodruff


Above: The Scotch 150th crew. From the left: Sam Patten, Will Lockwood, Cam McKenzie-McHarg (obscured), David Booth (representing his son Josh who is overseas), David Douglas, David Kemp (Scotch Chairman receiving the presentation oar), Drew Ginn, Carol Boykett and Ric Boykett (representing David Boykett), Alex Sloan (representing his grandfather) and Michael Sim 


Congratulations to those who were selected in these crews.



World Cup 2 Underway

Published 18th June 2017

Katrine Werry, James Rook and Angus Widdicombe are in the finals tonight at World cup 22 at Poznan in Poland.


The women’s four will race at 1835 Melbourne time

The men’s eight will race at 2148 Melbourne time


Unfortunately Red Matthews has been ill and so replaced in the lightweight quad scull. This has reflected in their result being relegated to the B final.


Good racing to these Club members.


Above:  The men’s eight in the exhibition race – photo from World Rowing website – James in the coxswain seat and Gus in the four seat


Great cocktail party for our travelling athletes

Published 12th June 2017


A great night was had by all at the fundraising cocktail party on Saturday night. It may have been cold outside but the mood and auction bidding was hot inside. All the auction items were sold at or above desired prices and a big raffle also brought prizes to many.


A big thank you to our donors and auction item purchasers who made the night a great success.



Cover story in Row360 – Josh Dunkley Smith

Published 9th June 2017


Above: Cover of current edition of Row360

Get your copy of Row360 to read about our own Josh Duckley Smith. Rachel Quarrell talks to Josh about his plans for his year off and beyond. He also offers his advice on tackling the 2K test.



More Mercs Members off to Australian Under 23 trials

Updated 8th June 2017


Amanda Bateman, India Dempsey, Maddison Brown and Rachel Engel have been invited to trials for the Australian Under 23 team. If selected, they will go straight over to Europe. Rachel and Maddison are both currently studying in the States and are returning to Australia for the trials.


Good luck and Go Mercs.



Australian team arrives in Europe for World Cups

Published 5th June 2017


The Australian rowing team, including our own Angus Widdicombe and James Rook, in the men’s eight, Katrina Wherry in women’s four and Red Matthews in the men’s lightweight quad scull, have arrived in Europe. They are training at the AIS European Training Centre in Varese Italy.


They will race at World Cup II in Poznan Poland on 15-18th June and then in World Cup III in Lucerne Switzerland 7-9th July.


Best wishes to the Australian team and our representatives. Go Mercs.



Saturday June 10 Cocktail Party

Republished 4th June 2017


The big fundraising event for our young crews heading off overseas is the Cocktail Party this Saturday night, 10th June 2017.

Trybooking is again being used so please pre-book at the following link – Book for the cocktail party.


This will include a raffle and auction as per last year. Word is sneaking out that some great auction items including Rio Olympic gear, an Olympic flag signed by the women’s eight and numerous photos of your choice. But your correspondent is hoping that Arthur Atkins will again offer an afternoon tea with him.





Above: A scene from an earlier cocktail party at the Club – big night for blazers!

Also, any raffle or auction items would be gratefully received. WE look forward to seeing you at this must see event.



Team Tomanovits – Winners at the Trivia Night

Published 3rd June 2017


Geoff Barden provides the following report showing no bias towards his own team whatsoever.


The FTOM team led by our stroke Peter Tomanovits blitzed the TRIVIA night at the club last night.


A big shout out to Club Captain Bill Webster that called the trivia questions and managed a great night at the club. Simon Morrison set the standard for the evening winning a bottle of Baileys from the “Heads and Tails” competition.

Buying back in late in the H&T competition quantities of cash were thrown onto the table in an effort to win something, anything.


Bill paid no favour to our crew table, his credibility as Umpire and Official could never be called into question.


Protest led by Tony Inglis for the quality of TRIVIA questions fell on deaf ears and Bill stood fast at the lectern and called round after round.


Early leaders the “Go Anna’s” table looked to have us covered, after the Geography round our table “The Furphy’s” attained a slight margin over an improving “Jercantile”. The Furphy’s then cruised over the last History round to take out the title and the winnings.


Continuing a great tradition of presentation ceremonies giant blocks of Cadbury chocolate were awarded to the winning team. The prized Cadbury products were generously distributed to the other Trivia finalists and throughout the clubroom.


Amongst all the fun some funds were raised to support Merc’s members competing internationally and a great night was had by all


Go Mercs.

Mercs Members Racing Overseas

Published 3rd June 2017


Australian Senior Team

In the Australian senior A team, Mercs has two representatives in the men’s eight, Angus Widdicombe and  James Rook, Katrina Wherry in women’s four and Red Matthews in the men’s lightweight quad scull. Reports from Penrith and Canberra are promising and despite both crews being young and relatively inexperienced, we are hoping for a great showing from them.


Your correspondent will keep members informed by posting photos and reports from Lucerne.  It is a tough job but someone has to do it.


Henley Royal Regatta representatives


The Club is well represented at this regatta with VIS Head Coach (and more importantly Mercs member),  Bill Tait taking Jen Cleary and Josh Dunkley-Smith to race at this regatta – Jen in the single and Josh in a pair with Josh Booth of MUBC.


Above: Josh and Josh in the pair at the Nationals


All these athlete rate as some of Australia’s finest rowers and are taking a year off the Australian team to catch up with personal matters such as study commitments. They are taking their racing seriously and will be hoping to meet the very best at HRR at the end of June. Bill Tait will be their coach. It would not surprise me if Josh and Josh were the Olympic pair in Tokyo, they are two of our strongest and most experienced oarsmen in Australia. Jen is also at the top of her game and will be there in 2020.


David Pincus is again coaching a crew for HRR this time in the Wyfold Challenge Cup with a four comprising Callum Nott, Tom Hunt, Andrew Burke and Angus Maloney – two experienced hands with two younger members. It has the right mix to give it the opposition a good fight.


And finally, Addy Dunkley-Smith is rowing a four with Meagan Volker from Huon RC from Tasmania, Katie Michelmore from MUBC, Kate Rowan from UQBC and coached by Neil Stump also from Huon RC. This will be a very competitive crew and our interest wil be high with this crew.


The supporters team will be headed by our Club Secretary Jenny Fraumano and establish base in a house opposite the sheds. Another Mercs dinner will be arranged at Henley as usual. Your correspondent again has the arduous task of reporting on these crews and probably downing a few gallons of Pimms whilst doing so. Please excuse any out of focus pictures.


Sean and Bibi Colgan will again host the coaches and your correspondent for dinner at Leander Club on the Saturday night.


Holland Beker Regatta

Our lightweights will also be heading overseas. They will race at Holland Beker Regatta in Holland in June and possibly at another event.


Five Victorian lightweights are to join up with three lightweights from UTS in Sydney and race this regatta. The Victorians are:

  • Jayden Grey – Mercs
  • Will Legge – Mercs
  • Hugo Berry – Banks
  • Ed Manton – Banks (and grandson of Garth Manton)
  • Sam Bongiorno – Banks

They will race in open and under 23 lightweight events in doubles, quads and an eight with the UTS rowers.


Above: Lightweight four winners at the Nationals – Carl Tomzcak, Ed Manton, Jayden Grey and Will Legge


From the Archives

Published 3rd June 2017


After a great response from the 1986 pictures from last month, our Singapore correspondent Euan McMinn has suggested the following great viewing of the 1986 World Champion eight which contained so many Mercs members. Euan recalls both these World Championships and the Commonwealth Games regatta in 1986 well, being a spectator at both events. Our readership is definitely international.


Enjoy and thanks Euan.



Expressions of Interest Called for Masters in Paradise

Republished 3 June 2017


An attractive opportunity for our masters, which we propose to support, is Masters in Paradise, a highly regarded regatta in Vanuatu. The cost is about $3000 all inclusive and all who have been before, loved the welcoming experience.


For more details, please go to: For those of us who know Greg Pechan from BGS, he is a resident of Vanuatu and a backer of this event.


Please provide your interest in this event to our masters coordinator Andrew Guerin  so that we can get our group together.


Above: 1984 Victoria Champion Lightweight four with Greg in bow seat


 Advance notice – Arthur Atkins’ 100th birthday party Sun 6th August, 2pm

Republished 3rd June 2017


Please keep Sunday 6th August at 2pm free to come down to the Club and celebrate with Arthur Atkins on his achievement this magnificent milestone. Arthur turns 100 on the day before.


Above: Arthur at the boat naming of the David Browne

150th Head of the River Celebration Dinner

Republished 3rd June 2017


Bookings are now open for the 150th Head of the River celebration dinner being conducted by the Scotch and Grammar rowing communities. All are welcome for this great evening.

Above: Details of the dinner


National Junior, Under 23 and Para team members announced

Republished 3rd June 2017


Rowing Australia today announced the selections for these teams. They include the following Club members to whom we heartily congratulate:

Liam Donald and Rob Black in the men’s four – the dominant under 23 oarsmen in 2017

Tom Abramowski coach of the junior men’s double (and coach of the MGS first crew)


Above: Liam and Rob at the Nationals – Rob sporting his Mosman colours in this race


The announcements was as follows:

Rowing Australia today announced the U23, Junior and Para World Championship crews set to represent Australia in 2017. The Junior Australian Rowing Team will compete at the Junior World Championships in Trakai, Lithuania while the U23 Australian Rowing Team will compete at the U23 World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The Para World Championships are part of the Senior World Championships held in Sarasota, USA.

Of the crews named today in the U23 team, additional crews may be added in June when the US-based U23 Australian athletes return for trials alongside other U23 athletes invited back for further trialling opportunities. Athletes at the June trials must meet performance standards to have a chance to be selected and join the crews named today.

In the U23 team there are a number of returning athletes, including 2016 U23 Men’s Quadruple Scull World Champions, Rob Black and Caleb Antill. Antill, coached by Rhett Ayliffe, will now contend on his own for the U23 Men’s Single title while Black will combine with Harley Moore, Adam Bakker and Liam Donald in a bid to hold on to a medal in the U23 Men’s Coxless Four, again with coach Antonio Maurogiovanni.

Two of the U23 Women’s Quadruple Scull athletes from last year are back in the crew this year, Caitlin Cronin and Rowena Meredith (both Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre (HPNTC) based). They are this year joined by youngster Harriet Hudson and Rio Olympian Genevieve Horton.

Many of last year’s U21 athletes have made the step up to U23 level including U23 Women’s Coxless Pair Australian Champions, Annabelle McIntyre and Bronwyn Cox, who look to continue their strong form in this race, with coach Rhett Ayliffe.

Also stepping up from U21 last year are the U23 Women’s Lightweight Double Scull Australian Champions, Wallis Russell and Verayna Zlim who will combine with Madeline Williams and Georgina Masters in the U23 Women’s Lightweight Quadruple Scull, coached by Alfie Young of Sydney University Boat Club.

In the Junior Australian Rowing Team a number of strong performers at the recent Sydney International Rowing Regatta feature, including the Schoolboys and U19 Men’s Single Scull Champion, Cormac Kennedy-Leverett, who has made his first junior team. Kennedy-Leverett will partner with Fergus Hamilton – also debuting on the team this year – in the Junior Men’s Double Scull, coached by Melbourne Grammar School’s, Tom Abramowski.

The Junior Men’s Quadruple Scull is made up of returning Junior representative Jackson Kench, and three debut athletes, Daniel Samus, Harry Crouch and Lachlan Stevenson. The crew will be coached by Jason Baker of Sydney Rowing Club.

Alison Crowe is making her national team coaching debut with the Junior Women’s Coxed Eight. Meanwhile, the Junior Women’s Double Scull sees the partnership of U19 Single Scull Australian Champion, Taylor McCarthy-Smith, and runner up, Skyla Froebel, with coach Jonathan Trovas of Brisbane and GPS.

Para rowing

Olympic silver medallist Erik Horrie has been selected to represent Australia in the Arms and Shoulders Men’s Single scull at the Para-Rowing World Championships held in Sarasota USA from 24 September to 1 October.

The 2017 Junior World Championships take place in Trakai, Lithuania from 2-6 August and the 2017 U23 World Championships take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from 19-24 July.



U23 Australian Rowing Team           

Crew Club or School, SIS/SAS, State
U23 Men’s Single
Caleb Antill Australian National University BC/RBNTC/ACT
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe WAIS/WA
U23 Men’s Coxless Four
Harley Moore University of Queensland Boat Club/QAS/QLD
Adam Bakker University of Queensland Boat Club/QAS/QLD
Liam Donald Mercantile Rowing Club/VIS/VIC
Rob Black Mercantile Rowing Club/NSWIS/NSW
Coach: Antonio Maurogiovanni Swan River RC/WA
U23 Women’s Coxless Pair
Annabelle McIntyre Fremantle Rowing Club/WAIS/WA
Bronwyn Cox University of WA Boat Club/WAIS/WA
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe WAIS/WA
U23 Women’s Quadruple Scull
Genevieve Horton Sydney University Boat Club/HPNTC/NSW
Caitlin Cronin University of Queensland Boat Club/ HPNTC/QLD
Rowena Meredith Sydney University Boat Club/HPNTC/NSW
Harriet Hudson Sydney Rowing Club/NSWIS/NSW
Coach: HPNTC
U23 Women’s Lightweight Quadruple Scull  * Subject to Medical Clearance
Wallis Russell Sydney University Boat Club/QAS/QLD
Verayna Zlim Adelaide Rowing Club/SASI/SA
Madeline Williams University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD
Georgina Masters UTS Rowing Club/NSWIS/NSW
Coach: Alfie Young Sydney University Boat Club/NSW

Junior Australian Rowing Team

Crew Club or School, SIS/SAS, State
Junior Men’s Quadruple Scull
Daniel Samus Mosman Rowing Club/NSW
Jackson Kench Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Harry Crouch Newington College/NSW
Lachlan Stevenson Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Coach: Jason Baker Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Junior Men’s Double Scull
Cormac Kennedy-Leverett The Southport School/QLD
Fergus Hamilton Melbourne Grammar School/VIC
Coach: Tom Abramowski Melbourne Grammar School/VIC
Junior Women’s Coxed Eight
Jessica Thompson Gippsland Grammar/VIC
Georgia Thomson Firbank Grammar/VIC
Mimi Tuddenham Loreto Toorak/VIC
Emmie Frederico Firbank Grammar/VIC
Bridget McKeagney-Douglas Genazzano/VIC
Ruby Gioulekas Methodist Ladies College/VIC
Sophie Balson Methodist Ladies College/VIC
Jane Perrignon Geelong Grammar/VIC
Cox: Phoebe Georgakas Methodist Ladies College/VIC
Coach: Alison Crowe MLC Kew/VIC
Junior Women’s Double Scull
Taylor McCarthy-Smith Brisbane & GPS/QLD
Skyla Froebel Melbourne Rowing Club/VIC
Coach: Jonathan Trovas Brisbane & GPS/ St Peters Lutheran College

Para Australian Rowing Team

Crew Club or School, SIS/SAS, State
Arms and Shoulders Men’s Single  
Erik Horrie Sydney Rowing Club/NSWIS/NSW
Coach: Jason Baker Sydney Rowing Club/NSW


National Under 21 team members announced

Republished 3rd June 2017


Rowing Australia announced the under 21 team which includes the following Club members to who send out heartiest congratulations.

Alexander Clarke and Ben Canham in the men’s pairs, fours and eight

Alexis Hancock cox of the men’s crews

Brigette Carlile as women’s coach


Above: Alexis playing to the camera in 2016

The announcement was as follows:

The Australian U21 Rowing Team will look to retain the Rusty Robertson Trophy as they take on New Zealand in the annual Trans-Tasman Regatta.

The Australian Team sees plenty of new faces with only one athlete, Kane Grant, returning from last year’s team. There are also a handful who have stepped up from previous junior representation including Lily Alton and Alexis Hancock.

The U21 series and team has created a positive development opportunity for our Pathway athletes transitioning between U19 and U23 age categories, many of whom have gone onto U23, Senior and now into the National Training Centres for both Men and Women. We look forward to this continuing with the 2017 Team.

The team features many recent Australian Champions including U21 Single Scull, Double Scull and Quadruple Scull champion Charles Wheatley, plus the duo of U21 Coxless Pair Australian Champions Grace Reid and Lara Wainwright.

The group will be led by Jason Lane as the U21 Head Coach. He will work with Lyall McCarthy in his capacity as the National Pathway Head Coach to ensure the effective delivery of this Team.

It is pleasing to have the experience of Jason to assist in leading this group, particularly as it is a camp based program with athletes being able to train and prepare in their daily training environments before coming together for a pre competition camp and then the racing itself.

Jason will be joined by four appointed coaches, Joe Tamigi, David Gely, Brigette Carlile and one further coach still to be confirmed.

The U21 Trans-Tasman Regatta is split over two competitions, the first in Sydney from 29 June to 1 July, and the second at Lake Karapiro, New Zealand, from 24 to 26 August.



U21 Australian Rowing Team

Crew Club or School, SIS/SAS, State
U21 Men’s Coxless Pairs  
Jack Deans Adelaide Rowing Club/SA
Kane Grant Adelaide Rowing Club/SASI/SA
Alexander Clarke Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC
Benjamin Canham Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC
U21 Men’s Single Sculls
Charles Wheatley Sydney University Boat Club/NSW
Devlin Walsh Sydney University Boat Club/NSW
U21 Men’s Lightweight Single Sculls  
Chase Deitner West Australian Rowing Club/WA
Patrick Boere Swan River Rowing Club/WA
Mitchell Reinhard Unley High/SA
U21 Women’s Coxless Pairs  
Grace Reid UTS Rowing Club/NSW
Lara Wainwright UTS Rowing Club/NSW
Gabi Morris West Australian Rowing Club/WA
Giorgia Patten West Australian Rowing Club/WA
U21 Women’s Single Sculls  
Lily Alton University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD
Siena Zamin West Australian Rowing Club/WA
U21 Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls  
Romola Davenport Sydney Rowing Club/NSW
Portia Bennett University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD
Celia Cowan Adelaide University Boat Club/SA
U21 Coxswains  
U21M8+: Alexis Hancock Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC
U21W8+: Caitlin Hockings University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD
Head Coach: Jason Lane SASI/SA
Brigette Carlile Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC
David Gely UTS Rowing Club/NSW
Joseph Tamigi West Australian Rowing Club/WA




New Mercantile Ties Available

Republished 3rd June 2017


Jenny Fraumano has arranged for the creation of new Mercs ties – see below. The ties are silk and are only $35 each. A perfect Christmas present for any Mercs member who wears a tie. Jenny is only too please to sell you one –



Above: The new Mercs tie


 Member Profiles

Updated 3rd June 2017

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The number of member profiles has now reached 117. The aim is now to reach 200 profiles. We wish to record profiles of all current and past members so please submit others to Subject to editorial review, they will be published with the author’s name and date.



Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 3rd June 2017

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

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