February 2018 News

Above – Mercs open men’s eight at Ballarat Regatta in January with the victorious women’s youth eight watching on.


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News covered below:

  • Nick Mitchell Announced as Head Coach
  • More results from NSW Champsionships
  • NSW Championships results
  • Vale Frank Noble
  • White night disruptions
  • NSW Champs Entries
  • Vale Cathy McLean
  • Another successful day at Nagambie
  • Nagambie entries
  • Another Great day for Mercs at Wendouree Ballarat
  • Wendouree Ballarat Entries
  • Late pic from Barwon last weekend in January
  • Blast from the past – Mercs in VB advertisement
  • Member Profiles
  • Thursday Night Social Hour

Nick Mitchell Announced as Head Coach

Published 27th February 2018

The Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Mitchell as our new Head Coach. Nick rowed successfully for Mercantile in the 00’s and represented Victoria in the Youth Eight. He was also Vice Captain of the Club for two seasons 2004-06. Following his rowing career, Nick spent several years as a professional cyclist in Europe and Australia. Since returning to rowing he has coached at Xavier College, Caulfield Grammar and Shelford. For the last three seasons Nick has been the Head Coach at Banks Rowing Club where he has led the regeneration of their rowing program.


Nick has strong values, is analytical, practical, very organized and skilled in building and managing training squads. He has sound rowing knowledge and high performance experience across two sports. We are delighted to welcome Nick back to Mercantile and look forward to our next successful chapter.


Nick will take up the role at the beginning of April 2018.


Above: Nick Mitchell


Welcome back Nick.


More results from NSW Championships

Published 18th February 2018


More great results from NSW Championships.


Above: Women’s quad take silver

Above: Men’s eight take bronze

Above: Men’s eight Podium

Above: Women’s eight take silver

Above: Women’s eight podium

Above: Ben Canham and Alex Clarke take silver in the under 23 pair


NSW Championships

Published 17th February 2018


Results and photographs are coming through from Sydney of the racing there today. Great work by our rowers and of course, Go Mercs!


Some of them are posted for your viewing.

Above: Women’s Youth Eight are comfortable winners

Above: Podium for the girls

Above: Men’s four get silver against an Australian senior four standard crew

Above: Ria Thompson on the podium with a silver medal

Above: Kat Werry picks up a bronze in the women’s pair 

Above: Mick McNamara hits the podium in the lightweight scull


Vale Frank Noble

Published 17th February 2018

Our older members will be saddened to hear of the death of Frank Noble, a long serving member who was good mates with Arthur Atkins and his Late wife Betty. Our sincere condolences to Frank’s family and especially to his son Graeme who passed on this sad news to us. Frank died on 22nd January 2018 at the age of 89.



White night disruptions

Published 13th February 2018

Please note that there will extremely limited parking this week and weekend in the rowing precinct due to White Night.

Boathouse Drive will be closed from 11.00am on Saturday 17th February until late on Sunday morning.


New South Wales Championships Entries

Published 13th February 2018

The Club treasury was again hit by another large entry at the NSW Champs.

CWU21 1x Mercantile Skyla Froebel
CWU23 1x Mercantile 2 Gemma Sibillin
CWU23 1x Mercantile 3 Kate Duggan
CWU23 1x Mercantile 1 Ria Thompson
CMU23 1x Mercantile 1 James Hoban
CMU23 1x Mercantile 2 Alexander Wolf
CWE 1x Mercantile 2 Madeleine Thomas
CWE 1x Mercantile 3 Fiona Albert
CWE 1x Mercantile 4 Georgia Stewart
CWE 1x Mercantile 1 Amanda Bateman
CME 1x Mercantile 1 Patrick Boomer
CME 1x Mercantile 2 Alexander Kinsella
CME 2- Mercantile Callum Nott,Tom Hunt
CWEL 1x Mercantile Meghan Hester
CMEL 1x Mercantile 4 Carl Tomczak
CMEL 1x Mercantile 1 Michael McNamara
CMEL 1x Mercantile 2 Jayden Grey
CMEL 1x Mercantile 3 William Legge
CWU21 8+ Mercantile Phoebe Wolf, Michaella Ballas, India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits, Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel, Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson, Adelaide Cester(c)
CWE 2x Mercantile Ria Thompson, Amanda Bateman
CME 2x Mercantile 1 Carl Tomczak, Patrick Boomer
CME 2x Mercantile 2 Alexander Kinsella, James Hoban
CME 4- Commercial Composite Andrew Judge, Callum Nott, Tom Hunt, Harley Moore
CMEL 2x Mercantile Jayden Grey, Michael McNamara
CMEL 2x Mercantile/Banks William Legge, Hugo Berry
CME 4+ Mercantile Jack Wheeler, Benjamin Canham, Alexander Clarke, Angus Maloney, James Rook(c)
CWU23 2- Mercantile Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson
CMU23 2- Mercantile 1 Alexander Clarke, Benjamin Canham
CMU23 2- Mercantile 2 Jack Wheeler, Angus Maloney
CWE 8+ Mercantile Georgia Stewart, Skyla Froebel, Kirsten Green, Fiona Albert, Amanda Bateman, Madeleine Thomas, Addy Dunkley-Smith, Katrina Werry, Adelaide Cester(c)
CME 8+ Mercantile Angus Maloney, Alexander Clarke, Benjamin Canham, Callum Nott, Tom Hunt, Josh Dunkley-Smith, Liam Donald, Angus Widdicombe, James Rook(c)
CWEL 4x Mercantile Composite Phoebe Wolf, Ciara Ward, Teneille Linehan, Meghan Hester
CMEL 4x Mercantile Carl Tomczak, William Legge, Jayden Grey, Michael McNamara
CWU21 2- Mercantile 1 Kirsten Green, Michaella Ballas
CWU21 2- Mercantile 2 Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson
CWU21 2- Mercantile 3 India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits
CWE 4x Mercantile Ria Thompson, Fiona Albert, Madeleine Thomas, Amanda Bateman
CME 4x Mercantile Alexander Kinsella, Alexander Wolf, Patrick Boomer, James Hoban

Vale Cathy McLean

Published 12th February 2018

We regret to advise that Cathy McLean, wife of long standing member Russell McLean, died on Sunday morning. Cathy was well known to Club members back in the 1960’s as a supporter of Russell’s rowing activities and she was very fond of the Club.

Our sincere condolences go out to Russell and their two daughters.

Russell has not been a picture of health recently having suffered a stroke and was in hospital at the same time as Cathy. Our best wishes go out to Russell for his recovery. He has also suffered from other significant ailments over recent years but has maintained his energy. Despite his ailments he managed to attend the Nationals last year and the Mercantile dinner. And as your correspondent can attest to his detriment, he also kept the bar at the Mecure Hotel in Penrith busy.


Another successful day at Nagambie

Published 11th February 2018

The two day Nagambie Regatta was conducted under the supervision of our Captain, Bill Webster, who was also resident of the Jury.

Above: Bill with Jenny and Gary Fraumano


Some sample pictures from the regatta.

Above: Under 21 eight wins

Above: Under 21 Double wins even though Max has yet to get a Mercs zootie

Above: Presentation

Above: India Mattocks and Ellie Tomanovits in the pair

Above: Sophie Balson and Georgie Gleeson in the pair

Above: Gemma Sibillin in the time trials

Above: Kate Duggan in an early morning Nagambie setting

Above: Sky Froebel sculling strongly

Above: Phoebe Wolf doing well in the under 21 scull

Above: Mimi Tiddenham stretches out in her time trial

Above: Meaghan Hester not allowing the morning sun to impact her work

Above: Our under 21 pair of Mitchell Hooper and Isaac Sanderson

Above: Joel working the power phase well

Above:  Will Legge getting the single going well

Above: Women’s Open Quad

Above: Lightweight Double Scull

Men’s Lightweight Double

Nagambie Entries

Published 11th February 2018


MU212- Mercantile Mitchell Hooper, Isaac Sanderson
MLW1X Mercantile William Legge
MU211X Mercantile Joel Cain
MU211X Mercantile Max Parker
FU212- Mercantile Kirsten Green, Michaella Ballas
FU212- Mercantile Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson
FU212- Mercantile India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits
FO1X Mercantile Georgia Stewart
FU231X Mercantile Gemma Sibillin
FU231X Mercantile Kate Duggan
FU211X Mercantile Phoebe Wolf
FU211X Mercantile Mimi Tuddenham
FU211X Mercantile Skyla Froebel
FLW1X Mercantile Meghan Hester
MU214+ Mercantile Isaac Sanderson, Joel Cain, Mitchell Hooper, Charlie Miller, Jamima Jamieson(c)
MLW2X Mercantile/Banks William Legge, Hugo Berry
MU212X Mercantile Isaac Sanderson, Max Parker
FU218+ Mercantile Phoebe Wolf, Michaella Ballas, India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits, Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel, Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson, Adelaide Cester(c)
FO4X- Mercantile Meghan Hester, Kate Duggan, Teneille Linehan, Gemma Sibillin

Another Great Day for Mercs at Ballarat

Published 5th February 2018

Mercs again dominated at Wendouree Ballarat with some great performances. The club did not race on the second day of the regatta. Some pictures follow.

Above: Open Eight win

Above: Lightweight double

Above: Open double

Above: Open double

Above: Lightweight double

Above: Men’s four

Above: Women’s Under 21 eight victors

Above: Open Quad Scull

Above: Under 21 eight off the start

Above: Under 23 pair

Above: Lightweight scull


Wendouree Ballarat Entries

Published 1st February 2018

The Treasury at Mercs must have suffered a dip with the entry fees payable for this entry!

Event Crew Athletes
MO2- Mercantile Callum Nott, Tom Hunt
MU232- Mercantile Alexander Clarke, Benjamin Canham
MU232- Mercantile/Banks Angus Maloney, Jack Wheeler
MU212- Mercantile Mitchell Hooper, Charlie Miller
FU212- Mercantile Michaella Ballas, Kirsten Green
FU212- Mercantile Georgie Gleeson, Sophie Balson
FU212- Mercantile India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits
MO1X Mercantile Patrick Boomer
MO1X Mercantile Carl Tomczak
MO1X Mercantile Alexander Kinsella
MU231X Mercantile James Hoban
MU211X Mercantile Joel Cain
MU211X Mercantile Max Parker
MLW1X Mercantile William Legge
MLW1X Mercantile Michael McNamara
MLW1X Mercantile Jayden Grey
FO1X Mercantile Madeleine Thomas
FO1X Mercantile Olivia Sibillin
FO1X Mercantile Fiona Albert
FO1X Mercantile Georgia Stewart
FO1X Mercantile Sally Kehoe
FU231X Mercantile Amanda Bateman
FU231X Mercantile Gemma Sibillin
FU231X Mercantile Kate Duggan
FU231X Melbourne RC Ria Thompson
FU211X Mercantile Skyla Froebel
FU211X Mercantile Phoebe Wolf
FU211X Mercantile Mimi Tuddenham
FLW1X Mercantile Meghan Hester
MU214X+ Mercantile Isaac Sanderson, Joel Cain, Mitchell Hooper, Charlie Miller, Ella Jackson(c)
MO8+ Mercantile Composite William Legge, Carl Tomczak, Angus Maloney, Jack Wheeler, Benjamin Canham, Alexander Clarke, Tom Hunt, Callum Nott, James Rook(c)
MO2X Mercantile Alexander Kinsella, James Hoban
MO2X Mercantile Patrick Boomer, Carl Tomczak
MLW2X Mercantile Jayden Grey, Michael McNamara
MU212X Mercantile Isaac Sanderson, Max Parker
FO2X Mercantile Madeleine Thomas, Amanda Bateman
FO2X Mercantile Gemma Sibillin, Georgia Stewart
FLW2X Mercantile/Corio Bay Meghan Hester, Teneille Linehan
FU218+ Mercantile Phoebe Wolf, Michaella Ballas, India Mattocks, Ellie Tomanovits, Kirsten Green, Skyla Froebel, Sophie Balson, Georgie Gleeson, Adelaide Cester(c)
MO4- Mercantile Composite Jack Wheeler, Benjamin Canham, Alexander Clarke, Angus Maloney
FO4X- Mercantile Meghan Hester, Georgia Stewart, Olivia Sibillin, Gemma Sibillin
FO4X- Mercantile Composite Fiona Albert, Madeleine Thomas, Ria Thompson, Amanda Bateman
MO4X- Mercantile Carl Tomczak, Alexander Kinsella, Patrick Boomer, James Hoban
MO4X- Mercantile Composite William Legge, Hugo Berry, Jayden Grey, Michael McNamara


Late Pic from Barwon Regatta last weekend

Published 1st February 2018


Above: Will Legge, Olivia Sibilin and Carl Tomscak

Our winners at Barwon with our small entry.


Blast from the past – Mercs in VB advertisement

Published 1st February 2018

Will Legge found a VB advertisement on Facebook from the 70s and it has a Mercs crew in it.

Above: From the VB advertisement – Bow: Jeff Lawrence, 2: the Late Stephen Shireffs QC and 3: Mark Connolly

Jeff Lawrence recalled:

Yes I think we did at least 2 VB ads in the late 70’s as one I recall we had two eights out and the production company had a massive launch with camera gear and booms on it that couldn’t keep up with the eights so we had to go slow and pretend we were working hard for that hard earned thirst!

No doubt that the Club and rowers involved were well remunerated with amber fluid for their efforts.


Member Profiles

Published 1st February 2018

Each month more profiles are added. Did you read the story on the great George Xouris?

We wish to record profiles of all current and past members so please submit others to Subject to editorial review, they will be published with the author’s name and date.



Tuesday night masters ergo night

Republished 1st February 2018


With the masters now doing ergos on Tuesday nights, the gym is getting crowded after 6pm. Every ergo was used on 1st August and there was not even a need for an ambulance.


Tuesday night is ergo night


Thursday Masters Nights

Republished 1st February 2018

Reminder that all masters rowers are welcome for a row on Thursday nights followed by a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Row at 6pm and sausage sizzle at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please call Andrew Guerin on 0417 554799 to get put on the weekly email.



Thursday nights after the row

Past news can be found through this link.